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5 thoughts on “ailen_dclive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. Do you share finances?

    And what are the certain bills you’re referring to?

    If you suspect she’s inflating her contributions and not actually putting in her half towards the household expenses, talk to her to figure out where the extra money is going.

  2. Ok… 1). Stop asking about his past sexual experience(s). There is nothing to gain by asking about his past experiences at this point. That’s a great subject to cover prior to having sex or after the first time, if you’re working towards a relationship.

    2). See #1…If you don’t obsess about his past sexual partners, you won’t need to even think about it!

    3). You love this guy and I assume you’re satisfied with his sexual prowess so it literally doesn’t matter how many partners he’s had.

    4). Sit down and have one more conversation about your feelings about honesty and make an appointment with a counselor to deal with your OCD or whatever your mental health situation that makes you obsess about these things. To have a happy and healthy relationship with this guy (or anyone else), you really need to be happy with yourself.

    You deserve happiness and a mind free from these obsessions. 😊

    Good luck Reddit friend.

  3. But also a part of me thinks he should accept my imperfections..

    Your gut is speaking truth to you. You deserve a man in your life who will accept and love you “as is”, worts included. Unless you're desperate to have a man in your life (I hope not), you should give considerable thought to ending this relationship.

  4. Something tells me this is not the only thing he dismisses your valid concerns/complaints about.

    Regardless, this behavior is literally making your home unsafe and you uncomfortable in your own home. If he won’t change, you have to go. No rational person with a scrap of common sense would say you’re doing the wrong thing by removing yourself from that situation.

    Get some distance, think long and naked about the entire relationship to see whether it’s worth it, and don’t go back for words, only deeds.

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