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Date: October 4, 2022

13 thoughts on “Akelia-k online sex cams for YOU!

  1. I read “what does it mean if a man eats you out, lets you pay, and then tells you he doesn’t want to ask?”

  2. Family responsibility comes before extracurricular. If she can't deliver on these priorities shared finances with marriage won't work. Answer is plain no. It's up to her how she processes this and if she leaves you over it – better fail fast.

    Also, winded arguments aside, charity looks more like vanity.

  3. My best suggestion is working on your own image, by that I mean things that are important to you. Work on your on own mental being, do good at your job/schooling heck do a 10k if you are up to it. Know that you are a good dude for you and not others and be proud of your own accomplishments. Confidence in one self shows.

  4. He is hurting her!? Lmao bffr right now. So his feelings are not to be considered? We get it. You are fine with your partner kissing other people. He isn’t and he has been clear about that. Btw the love for her is broken and yes, it can happen just like that for people. As much as some people acknowledge monogamy is not for them, it is in fact very important to many others. Given you seem to have the empathy of a teaspoon for the person who did not break his marriage vows I’m not surprised that would be news to you.

  5. My reaction to this stuff is always the same. People have got to stop using their thumbs to “talk” when a convo starts getting edgy. Then, irl, if something crops up, people don't have the communication skills to deal with it. We learn by doing.

    You started this, not him. But you didn't mean to. That's my point.

  6. all “xenogenders” do is make it look like the LGBT movement is not something to be taken seriously. the whole thing is just “otherkin” rebranded.

  7. I don't have much advice to offer but this – some of the finest people I have ever known either are or were in prison. Best wishes to you and your family.

  8. We live in an admittedly not great area, but even if we go to nicer places nearby it'll be an issue. And it's not just my wife, it's any female friend. Just minding their business results in someone harassing them unless they are physically with another person.

  9. Nothing. There was no relationship, but we were getting to know each other. I was still talking to other people, but she was only talking to me. (Only found out later)

  10. Why is it on you to convert to his religion? Why can he not convert to yours? Never change who you are for someone else, not like this. Why is it not an option for you both to distance yourselves from religion in general?

    Let's say you do somehow manage to marry and have kids, what religion would the children be raised with? Will he and his family kick up a fuss if you want to educate your children about Buddhism and that side of their heritage? Or will they only be subject to Islam?

    What role do women play in his family's following of Islam? Are they progressive or will you be a second-class citizen? What if you have a daughter? Will she be treated with the same love and respect as a son?

    You are young and romance right now feels like everything. But star-crossed lovers are the stuff of fiction, I'm real life there are just folks who turn out to be incompatible. It hurts now but eventually you will find someone who will meet you in the middle rather than expect you to abandon you self I'm favor of his side. Remember the good times, mourn the end of it, and go on with your life.

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