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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Wait, so neither can leave you alone for time to yourself and are constantly “checking in”? Why? That's a red flag. Why do you have to choose at all right now? Dating two ppl isn't strange, and continuing to date will eventually solve this problem for you. Eventually somebody is going to want to be exclusive and you'll be forced to a decision.

    But tbh, I think looking at it this way is not useful. I don't think you can objectively decide “who to pick” in cases like this. These are two complicated humans, and any relationship is as leap of faith to some extent. The best I can say is to have deep conversations with both about life goals and what they want to see if you align.

  2. It sounds like even if she is sincere about still wanting to be in a relationship, your emotional needs in the relationship aren't being met regardless.

    I would agree with other users in that you should communicate with her a little about this distance between you, but also keep in mind that if you feel she's losing interest, you don't need to wait around for her to break up with you. You can express your emotional needs, and if she isn't able to meet them, it isn't really a good relationship for you anyway, regardless of how committed she is.

  3. Oh this is reddit, they'll always side with the dog no matter what at all times. Why did you even post?

  4. Red flags all over the field. You've been here before. Save yourself a ton of dignity and end it.

  5. Here are my thoughts in no particular importance or order but 1) just because you leave doesn’t mean the relationship is over 2) the odds are this relationship will end 3) two hours isn’t very far 4) your education is more important for your future regardless of whom you marry 5) there isn’t anything that says your boyfriend can’t go to school with you or move to where you will be if he doesn’t go to school 6) forgetting all of what I’m saying here, which college program is BEST for what you want to do with your life?

  6. My siblings are 10-12 years older than me. I am so amazed by your love for your brother (who is more like your child and that is ok)!!!!! You two have been through a lot and you have both had a lot of loss.

    He is perhaps preparing for more loss.😭

    Go right now and POUR out your heart. Tell him you love and adore him and want him in your life forever. That no fiance could ever replace him. And you can't imagine life without him. Tell him what you said in this post – how he has been the light of your life.

    And let him know that no matter how life changes he will always be a priority. And if you have kids you want them to be close to him.

    Tell him this over and over until he stops withdrawing from you.

  7. How considerate of him, has he asked you if you’d like to move there with him? Or has he asked if you would even want to move there? Or how you feel about it at all?

  8. I mean to be honest if I get past the first close call without cumming, it's not happening no matter how good she is.

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