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  1. She didn’t ban anyone from her mother’s house, because you’re right, she has no authority.

    Telling her mom she's not allowed to be friends with him and the bit about the cameras gave me the impression he was banned, but it's possible that's not true. I will say OP seems to disagree with a lot of the things people are suggesting in the comments like publicly shaming her mom, so her thought process may not be as extreme as I assumed.

  2. Get out of the lease. He’s not a good friend. He will screw you over worse than this. Grieve losing the friend and move on.

    Shes a shit person. You should be grateful you never got serious.

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  4. I think you might have self esteem issues. I would recommend counselling to help you realise your own self worth. You clearly have a huge capacity for compassion and empathy to love someone so dearly and want to help them. But much like myself, you allow yourself to be abused because you struggle to see you can do better. At least that’s how I’m reading this anyways.

  5. Not several years ago, but earlier this year.. yes. I slept with one of my brother’s mistress and he had deep feelings for her without my knowledge. Same with my current gf

  6. YOU dont think the job is necessary for his career. Does he? Are you in the same field? Cuz unless you are an expert on what he is going into, how would you know if it’s necessary or not. Seems like you’re expecting his career to take a back seat. Doesn’t seem like he’s trying to dictate your career path, so why should you. And he’s right to cast a wide net for jobs, that’s the smart thing to do. Even if it isn’t ideal it’s better than having no options at all.

  7. Your girlfriend sounds terrible dude, and is being egged on by her friends at that. Breakup man like honestly before you get so upset that something bad happens and she accuses you of abuse and jeopardizes your schooling. Idk if this is a test or what but at the very least isn’t listening your financial situation, disrespecting boundaries, and textbook gaslighting. Get out. Now.

  8. He’s 38. This is who he is, and it’s not changing, especially when he faces zero consequences for being this way.

  9. You can’t manage another adult person’s responses to stuff. And even if she could, she went about it in a condescending parental way. She could’ve just with him or done it in a different way. He’s a grown adult man.

  10. I'd laugh and be like, “Sure, you go ahead and waste that $200 proving I'm a good woman and this is your child. After it's done, though, you have some major ass-kissing to do for insinuating that I cheated.”

  11. Is your question about the fight or about the sleepover?

    Resolve sleepover first, then address his parent comment.

    First sleepovers are a big deal. I understand your concern being away. Your parents see her often. Cancel the trip, allow her to go to sleepover while you are close by, at home, in case she needs you.

    The. See a marriage counselor I’d you can’t reasonable resolve dispute

  12. Again in todays society just looking at you is “rapye”. Have you seen the trends on tiktok where men are too scared to even show up at a gym cause just looking at a girl for a split second labels them as rapists.

  13. She’s dating one of your friends and she’s leading you on. That isn’t very kind. Move on. Truly. She has a gf but is still touching you and telling you she loves you. Even if it’s just supposedly cute and fun, it makes her very immature and not ready for a real committed relationship.

  14. It sounds like she has a life that doesn't revolve around you.

    Relax, sometimes people are not present via their phones 24/7. It does mean they're not interested, just means they have life to attend to.

    Do you answer her messages while in the shower, while having an inperson conversation, while particularly busy or needing to concentrate on something etc

  15. It's not your place to show proof to her boyfriend that it may not be his kid.

    If you've gotten to the point where you feel that you want to stoop to her level of bullying, step the fuck away from this relationship because it's toxic and you'll become no better than her.

  16. What do you mean by suspicious things? Sex Life was the same before and during, nothing really changed between us in terms of frequency, initiation, quality…

  17. Relationships don't have to be bad in order for people to not to want to be in them. If it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel right and ending a relationship you don't want to be in is always going to be better for everyone involved. Sticking around because you worry about her isn't ultimately going to help her, or make either of you happy.

  18. Nothing about him sucks. He’s wonderful. My reasons were above, it feels like we don’t fully “click” or understand each other. Like, you know when you meet someone and you’re on different wavelengths ? It’s kinda like that, part of me still feels like I can’t be myself or that we don’t “get” each other. He’ll make jokes and I don’t think they’re very funny (obviously that’s subjective) and I’ve never dated someone where I felt this way. But he isn’t doing anything bad or wrong. I wonder if it’s incompatibility, i guess

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