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  1. Sounds unreasonable. Staying with such a person also sounds unreasonable.

    But if she's just sitting home all day, maybe she needs to get a job for the sake of her sanity and yours. And with an extra income, you could probably afford a housekeeper.

  2. Sounds like your dad is on a power trip. I'm assuming that this isn't the only thing he's ever done that was abusive.

  3. Anytime I hear the old “wife has low libido thing” it automatically tells me that the wife isn’t attracted to YOU. What an insane contradiction it is for you libido to be so low that you won’t fuck your husband but you want to fuck other men 🤯

  4. Even with kids, need to be careful and positive but practical. Like “you’ll be an amazing mom, but kids need usually this amount of money for healthcare, education and needs in first few years, how do you plan to handle this?”

    When I was younger I lost too many friends to their abusive grooming hubbies, and I learned that if you really care for them you should be the safest person they can talk to, but shouldn’t get too involved and be too vocal. Manipulator will eliminate any support system their partner sees as a threat

  5. I’m currently waiting for her to talk to her family about setting up healthy boundaries. I’m waiting for her to phone me back tonight. The issue I’ve seen is they are reluctant to let her see me unless they can further vet me but I’m an adult and I don’t need to prove anything to them. I am very happy with my fiancé and she’s happy with me. The dad suffers from extreme levels of toxic masculinity telling people what they should and shouldn’t do. He’s a truck boss by trade so all he does when I meet him is boss me about and tells me what to do with my life instead of talking about normal things. The level he micromanagers my partner is borderline abuse. For example me and her had been sleeping late because it’s the Christmas holidays but it upset the father who had sent me a text telling me to tell my fiancé to call him immediately to tell him she had booked a taxi to come back home. We are talking those levels of paranoia and control. When I was out with my fiancé he was messaging her every 3-4 hours to ask if she was okay. The constant texting and calls make me feel like my every move is being watched and I feel intimidated. I’ve told my partner this and now the parents have admitted they have gone overboard with being over protective of the daughter. I tried to level with the brother and tell him I understand he’s being protective (I’ve got a half brother and sister who are just turning into teenagers) so I understand the mindset but in our mid to late 20s it’s overboard.

  6. Don't open this can of worms, this could ruin the relationship between all of you. I would not be happy to be proposed to on someone else's special day. I would also not happy if I was proposed to and a family member did the same thing. It's their special day, don't steal the thunder. Also, your gp pressuring you to propose is not OK. If you are going to propose, do it if and when you're ready, and when you're absolutely sure this is what you want, not because you're under pressure

  7. So I actually emailed my building about an hour ago and they answered saying 1) I cannot install an doorbell camera or any other camera that faces the hallway and 2) to come to the management office tomorrow to discuss in person. But I want to keep as much of this in writing as possible.

  8. I am very much an idiot. As it seems. I know I’m not mature and my replies may seem stubborn. But I’m really just trying to answer and not argue!

  9. Why should OP get rung up for assault if OP wins the fight? Not worth it, OP should just break all association with his scumbag best friend and move on with life.

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