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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. he got too fucked up. any answers that sound like english will have have to wait until tomorrow. he absolutely should've chosen one thing or the other – tailgating at 9am? there was no way he was going to make it to a family christmas party.

  2. This is abuse. I have hair to my butt too, and if my partner cut my hair in any way while I slept, joke or not, because he thinks it’s better or not, I would leave him. No questions asked. What sort of psycho takes away your agency in that way? That’s honestly obscene and you even being in the same home as him is concerning.

  3. Well YTA.

    It's not pragmatic to tell someone to throw their pet in the garbage because it bothers you. That's being a dickhead. A pragmatic solution would be breaking up because obviously that's an incompatibility.

    Bathing a cat once a week is animal abuse, full stop. You clearly have no clue how cats work. They clean themselves all day every day. They do not need baths, they are not dogs. You would just harm the cats natural oils and stress it the fuck out because an overwhelming majority of cats despise baths.

    A bath wouldn't even do anything, it just sounds like petty revenge or you abusing the cat so your girlfriend allows it to be thrown out to spare it. A real solution would be brushing it occasionally to collect loose fur.

  4. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I 27F have been with Eric 32M since college. We have a house together in the middle of nowhere texas.

    For the most part, we’re sexually active and we have sex almost every day. The problem is that he’s not able to come or stay very hot during real sex unless it’s the back door. The back door is extremely painful and I’ve gotten a UTI once before because of it and at that point I said no more of this. It’s been 4 years since then and sex was normal. It was until he complained that he wasn’t able to finish since the start of our relationship, and I was getting too loose too fast. He got mad and told me how fed up he was. He said it was like going in the hallway. I’ve tried everything possible to try to fix it. I’ve tried kegels, tightening creams, even made an appointment to the doctor.

    He has continued to pressure me into going the other way and at one point did it without my knowledge and I didn’t notice until it hurt. I had to scream at him to stop. He told me to get tighter so he wouldn’t have to go the other way.

    A week later I’m showing symptoms reminiscent to the last UTI I had. Now I have to see a doctor. I’m both sad and pissed.

    Is there any way to fix this so he doesn’t do this anymore?

    TL:DR He said I wasn’t tight and went the other way and gave me a UTI.

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