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Date: March 28, 2023

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  1. LOL Despite all the downvotes and asinine arguments I've had – meeting and engaging with you has been a highlight of my day

    Awwww! Thanks! After an exchange I had yesterday, it's good to know that I am not, indeed, a bitch.

    My only real intent was to portray this guy as a decent guy looking out for his mom and not some incestuous co-dependent villain to be shunned.

    I get that. But there were several things OP said that made me think of Everybody Loves Raymond in my head (and Marie Barrone was not as enmeshed as this guy's mom is). Not to mention, if you ever dated a mama's boy… it's not good.

    and arguing dumb shit on the internet is one of my (unhealthy) hobbies

    Guilty. We need a support group.

  2. Okay, so there are two very separate issues here.

    Firstly, and I say this gently, because I was in the same position you're in at your age, you need to see a therapist to work on your insecurities and whatever is behind them. It's not healthy to be this needy, and it's definitely going to scare people off (both friends and romantic pursuits) down the road.

    As for this specific guy…A grown ass man going after a girl who is barely old enough to legally drink isn't looking for a serious relationship. He's probably targeting university-age girls because he's looking for some hookups.

    And no decent guy is going to judge you for having sex with them on the first date. HOWEVER, you should definitely consider holding off a few meetups/dates before sex if you want to weed out the guys just looking for sex. They're not going to put in that much effort to get to know you if they just want some meaningless sex, and if a guy starts pressuring you early on then you know he's bad news as well.

  3. Well I guess you'll have to be her boyfriend forever, sorry, nothing to do about it.

    Or you could just break up with her.

  4. Considering he’s living with you rent and utility free, he should buy all the groceries. But no, he wants to emotionally beat you down so you apologize because he didn’t have room in his bag for, what? The main course? Probably a meat, that costs a lot, so what filled up his bag? You went yesterday, to buy what he didn’t, on his day, and you’s apologized to him cuz he didn’t go today, on his day?! Girl, do better!! Kick his ass out! Do your parents know they are paying for this loser to live! with you?

  5. Well you two aren't compatible. He craves a form of love/affection you aren't comfortable and naturally able to give. He can either accept that fact and continue the relationship or choose to chase that affection from someone else and the relationship is over.

    This isn't a problem you need to solve. You shouldn't have to do something you aren't comfortable with and don't want to do just to appease someone else.

  6. Thank you for this. He forced all three, and he grabbed my face pretty rough so I don't move. I wasn't in pain so in my head I was going like “he is not hurting me” but it was very forceful and aggressive. He actually pinned me down, like I couldn't move my head. I never invited him, I never indicated that I want this, we never touched, not even a handshake or whatever. I genuinely thought he was a decent guy, talking about job interests and whatnot. But the tone in his voice and when he said “oh you have a boyfriend, is that so”, almost like if I am lying just to make myself nude to get, it was terrifying.

    I'm really sorry this happened to you, and while I don't have this experience and can't fully relate to your story, I think I know exactly what you mean. You dissociate to try and get through it easier. I'm so sorry. I hope you are doing well and are healing

    Your advice is so solid, I wouldn't think of that if a friend told me this story, thank you for this, I never considered it from this side

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