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  1. What's to discuss? He fucking broke up with you for not saying goodbye? Fuck him. Stop doing all this apologizing and atoning and shit. Like yeah maybe it was slightly rude, but that's the kinda thing that requires one simple apology and that's it. You doing this whole song-and-dance to regain his approval is ridiculous and pathetic.

  2. It doesn't take “major reading into” it just takes a brain that thinks the same way. I would bet anything on it that if she asked him if that's what he meant he'll say yes.

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  4. It's not zero morals, it's different morals.

    Some people, like yourself care more about ideals than people. You want the truth, even if it destroys a relationship and makes things significantly worse for all the people involved. Honestly is more important than the actual welfare of the children and spouse.

    Conversely, other people consider the impact on their loved ones more than ideals. Making their spouse constantly worried, doubt and feel severe pain. Potentially ending the relationship which causes major effects on the children, financial hardships for everyone.

    All because she almost made a mistake? She already will feel guilt and has her own punishment. She isn't risking his health, she didn't actually cheat. When looking at the actual impacts instead of ideals, you are essentially demanding she punish her whole family for her minor mistake.

    You can disagree with the morals, people frequently do, but your demands seem frankly horrifying to those who care more about the actual effects of our choices than ideals.

  5. This is a conversation you want to have with a lawyer. If those cards have your name on them, you might be SOL.

    Regardless, you need to leave and sever ties and stop hemorrhaging your money to her addictions. She won't change until she hits rock bottom, and that won't happen with you enabling her.

  6. I wouldn’t stay a minute more with a partner who didn’t want to have a family with me for any reason. I’d bounce and never look back.

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