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  2. Yeah I don’t what I would do if it was like a one time drunk mistake with a stranger. Ok maybe we can talk.

    I know it wasn’t that. I know it was more than one night. I know she probably had thought about this before she left.

  3. Curious that you assume anyone would say she's cheating. Obviously if this guy has been in her life and she's been honest with you about it she's not doing anything nefarious. It would be if you didn't know about “Mike” that you'd need to worry. People have pasts, they just do. Not all people feel the need to totally blank their former love/sex interests. It actually shows maturity on their parts that they can maintain healthy platonic relationships with such people. This means that if you and she break up she likely won't make it hellish (because she's already proved to have the diplomacy to manage these situations without undo drama).

  4. You could try to set a boundary of no talking about relationships. But why do you feel like she’s worth it? What does she bring to your friendship, is she someone you go to with your problems?

  5. Man that was a long read

    Let me shorten it for you

    My girlfriend cheated on me and now we are going to break up.

  6. men are driven by sex hence the cheatings using dating apps, ONF etc & if its not then its medically inclined issues.

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Men are complex beings. They are not “driven by sex”.

  7. So since you're demisexual, you expect the entire rest of the human population to be demi as well? It's ok to have fantasies, it's not necessarily a betrayal. You're projecting your sexuality onto him and blaming him for being insufficiently demi. Seems pretty illogical to me.

  8. I’m god you came to the conclusion that you did. If you keep pushing, it’s almost certain that he will see a doctor. This is scary and worrying

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