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Date: October 10, 2022

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  1. Seems like you expected him to react positively and because he didn't you are upset. You don't have a stable job and have known one another a year, don't on-line together, and sound highly dysfunctional no rational adult would be excited to be in that situation. You have two children relying on you and you say motherhood is your greatest joy. If that's the case I don't understand why him not wanting your child would make you want to commit suicide. He is being honest he doesn't want another baby now and you've pretty much decided you want to keep it and that's fine just let the relationship go and focus on your children

  2. No one is entitled to sex from their partner, no matter how much sex they’ve had before.

    She is absolutely allowed to stop having sex, at any time (including once it’s started). There is no compromising on this.

    He is also allowed to decide whether he’ll continue the relationship. If he doesn’t want to have a relationship without sex, that’s fine!

    Please reconsider your approach to sex in relationships.

  3. I was in a similar situation. My dad was cheating on my step mother. I found out when he called me one night needing help and when I showed up he was with another woman. I pondered if I should tell her or not for a few days until I asked myself if I would want to know. I told her about it and of course she wasn’t happy about it but thanked me for telling her. Your dad deserves to know the truth. Tell him so he can get on with his life or maybe they decide to try to repair the relationship. But he needs to know…

  4. I think everyone who assumes a foster home is automatically better than their original home is naive to say the least.

  5. but now he feels guilty about his reasons for divorcing, he feels guilty about “wasting” her last good years (her biological clock running out), and he can’t bring himself to proceed with the divorce. We are both still very in love with each other, and miserable without.

    This is BS. IF he wanted to, he would. Hes not being truthful. He doesn't care about her own happiness over his own, or else he would have never been getting separated, let alone start anything with u.

    he is bsing u. He is trying with her because he WANTS to. Wake up. Stop being delusional and listening to these crazy ass lies lol. Please understand that if he wanted to, he would. He would not let someone he was about to divorce, stand in the way with some he was “very in love with”.

    Please wake up and see it for what it is. You are 32, you know deep down he's full of it.

  6. I think most people already gave you good advice for your problem with your boyfriend who is hopefully soon an ex and how therapy might be helpful and that a BBL should not be happening. I would just like to add that if you personally (not your bf) would like to look curvier it would be a much better choice to go to the gym and build some muscle than getting plastic surgery. I used to be so flat but with the gym i've actually managed to build a butt and what was previously one of my biggest insecurities is now something i'm proud of. It's also healthy as long as you don't over obsess and slip into an eating disorder, a BBL however looks ugly and unnatural, it's a surgery so risky and you can't just suddenly decide you prefer being slimmer, whereas with the gym you can stop or reduce it whenever you want. For me it also helped me because it made me feel like I was in control of how i look instead of just being sad i wasn't blessed with a butt.

  7. Yeah naw, he can afford all the costs you have mentioned for both of you, but cant get 2 different rooms in a hotel? Something is fishy about this

  8. You called your fiance 'average looking'.

    You rejected offers to join them when they practiced.

    You get offended by a song they chose to sing together in a performance.

    Her family was killed and his family looked after her, and they have been close ever since.

    They slept together once many years ago, and have remained close friends.

    You were warned about how close he is to her before you got together.

    And yet you still think you have the right to make this about you.

    He made the right choice leaving you.

    If someone ever asks to choose between them and something else, you always choose the other thing. Ultimatums are stupid and pathetic. In this case, the choice would have been easy. You sound like very hot work. Good luck with that.

  9. Logically, ANYTHING is possible, so no one can sit here and suggest that it’s not. Now, if we’re literally assuming they’re spending all that time in a lab, then your distance apart really isn’t at all relevant.

    The truth is, as far as long distance goes, the two of you really aren’t long distance and see each other a reasonable amount for any relationship, let alone one where you’re early into college where you don’t go to the same one.

    For now you’re overthinking things. If you have more information then certainly share it, but you’re currently living in fear based on nothing more than an insecurity and assumption. Has she given you any reason to believe she’s losing feelings for you? Also to back up, how long have you been together?

    Following him on social media is irrelevant. That’s what friends do. That shouldn’t be giving you anxiety. Good luck.

  10. My partner is a diesel mechanic that works long hours outdoors, in the very hot Texas sun. I’m also 8 months pregnant, and he is more than happy to help me put on underwear, pants, socks, and shoes. He sees I struggle to even bend down now and tells me to stop doing it, he can can whatever I need for me.

    Your husband has no excuses to be acting like that. He sounds like a complete douchebag.

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