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Date: September 29, 2022

17 thoughts on “LuvC live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. She’s not so much mad about the likes. She’s disappointed and horrified that you’re the kind of guy who scrolls through photos of lingerie-clad women. To her, that is disgusting, Neanderthal behavior.

    All you can do is apologize. She’ll forgive you or she won’t.

  2. Also to add the psychological aspect of things. You can tell from her post that she has been mentally/emotionally beaten down by this man for the entirety of their relationship, to the point that she is questioning her sanity and perfectly rational/normal feelings. It becomes that much harder to leave when someone is ensuring you have zero self-esteem.

  3. Your BF seems super oblivious, if not just straight up disrespectful about this. Have you let him know how it makes you feel? Its not unusual for people in a relationship to still find other people attractive. Rubbing that in your partners face is another matter. Your feelings are valid.

  4. Woah there, I think it makes much more sense that a conversation about someone’s supposed lapse in cognitive ability— because they’re letting their 10 year old son win at chess, and for literally no other reason— is a completely sincere sentiment born out of a place of genuine concern and fear for that person

  5. Yeah it’s horrific that’s he’s already bugging her about it after the kind of pregnancy she went through and then nearly dying. He sounds like a totally shitty partner and parent.

  6. In my experience, they don’t continue to nag. You give them that you mean business look and say it firmly, and you’d be surprised as to how quickly they can be backed down. I had a few try to, and I boldly repeat it, give them that look and tell them they can go home or in another if they don’t like my answer, but do not ask me that again as I won’t tolerate it. That tends to put a sock in it for them.

  7. While I do agree that you might benefit from therapy, I also have a bit of comfort.

    Just because a dude is good in bed, doesn't mean he's better than you. I have had good bedpartners in the past, but I barely remember since they were giant douchebags otherwise.

    There's a reason she's with you and not them, think about that.

  8. Time for you to break up with her. She's lieing to you. Tell you it's a game when in fact she's going to hook up with guys.

    She hasn't grown up yet. She wants to be single

    Tell her, go play your game. I'm done with this relationship.

  9. Tinder has just become one big game. There are apps out there that auto swipe on people's profiles. So it might be a bot or something. Yeah I say that's kinda sus on your gf end.

  10. Thanks. I’m sorry too. He isn’t conducting his life in a way that deserves a patient partner who will support him. He acting like he wants to be single lol

  11. To some people swinging is not the same as “open.” To me, an open relationship is when you and your partner have sex with others on your own:on the side. Swinging is more like having sex with others when you’re both there. Like a swingers party. Maybe your gf would like to have sex with others with you by her side?

  12. I really wanted this to work. And this relationship has been working. Just this little hic up tbh, other than that he is really a good guy.

    But like you said it is showing where his priorities lied and him being embarrassed is another reason why I don’t want to tell him that it was my bday. Caude I know he’ll try to make it up but whatever is done is done yk. You can apologise but you can’t really forget the day esp when someone has literally told you what they expect etc

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