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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Stay calm and think carefully. When people get upset they say things which they don’t mean to. Do you love him? Does he love you? Was that the first time him saying you all these hurtful things? First talk to him, then to see a couple counseling. Please don’t do anything with an anger and sadness. You sound like a wonderful person and I m sure you will come to the best conclusion for your future.

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  3. “Or do you imagine she'll have a couple of fake relationships and come back to you? Im confused by the motivation.”

    I do consider myself a good man, andI think I strive to be perfect ( even if I cannot be). I am more of people do not know what they really want, until they experience what they don't. I feel if she has more experiences with what she doesn't want, maybe she will truly want me. I do not want to wake up in 5,6 years , with her telling me I wasted her time, or herseeking for an open relationship.

  4. Then yeah, you need therapy. It's gaslighting behavior. Designed to cause stress. That may not of been your intent. However it is what it Is.

    Maybe time away from a relationship is good for you. Book yourself some well needed therapy and work on making you a better you.

  5. That’s how I see it, too. Abortions and pregnancy health should be options for all women everywhere.

    However, I also stand by an INDIVIDUAL’s right to not have one – even if she were raped (most oriole’s go to as a reason why abortion should be allowed), she has the right to choose to keep the baby if she wants to.

    It’s never BEEN about forcing anyone to have an abortion. It’s only ever been about wanting the OPTIONS available for women. 😢

  6. Bro, do you hate yourself? why did you post here, everyone is going to tell you that you suck.

    You suck.

  7. Nah man, you’re self sabotaging. It’s only worth talking about if it’s an unresolved issue and bothering her. Otherwise there’s nothing to gain from poking around

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