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  1. I really need to step up and regulate myself better.

    I think this is the answer. Have you been diagnosed? Medicated? Therapies? Anything to help with your issues?

  2. or even a book! you can read to a 3 month old ANY book, really, at this age, and they'll just love it for the words, rhythm, etc.

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  4. I would say “yes mother we are going on an overnight trip exclusively to fuck because we obviously don't have sex other than when we go on overnight trips”. In this case be shameless and unfuckwithable the more you cater to your mother the worse she's going to act so put an end to it now. If she says “people are going to talk” ask her who tf she knows that works at the place you'll be staying at.

  5. I havent talked to her (F32) about me and her roomate making out. Her roommate (F26) asked i not say anything because they grew up like sisters.

    Also my best friend has mentioned how she’s felt annoyed when she likes a guy but she finds out they like F26 more, which i guess has happened a few times. F32 says she feels annoyed by it because she feels F26 doesnt have her shit together, isnt responsible and does nothing to try and improve herself or puts bear minimum effort. F32 admits she herself is not perfect but feels she has more values that guys say they admire (financially independent, grounded, etc). F32 is not ugly by any standards either (id say shes like a 7-8 rating). I do get F32 annoyance, because i do see F26 is not very responsible, which is a bug reason j wouldnt date her. I dont want to be on top of someone 24/7 to get their shit together.

    This wouldnt be me choosing F26 over F32 but i can see how its can be taken that way. I was hoping ti talk to F26 first and see where this could lead and how she feels now that she’s sober.

  6. I’m glad you got help, but please realize expecting someone to be your emotional lifeboat for multiple years is… a big ask. It’s not a moral failing for OP to not want to do that.

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