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Date: October 17, 2022

14 thoughts on “MarianaSilvaX live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Not even gonna try and tell you why you’re wrong because it’s so obvious. Just wanted to say I don’t think you’re the sharpest tool in the shed…

  2. not true. I watched several podcasts last night where women are 100% ok with letting a man have sex with others as long as the man takes good care of them. One said she'd be too busy driving her new car that the man would buy. There were tons of comments too. These women were actually open to be the only faithful ones in the relationship so the men would know they are Daddy if they get pregnant.

  3. unfortunately a relationship involves trust and a lot of the times people believe trust is 100% intentional and rational. If you get anxious or nervous about another situation popping up unintentionally, you don’t fully trust him, even if you want to. Do what you will with this information but I think doing what’s right for you is most important.

  4. We dated for a year. I guess we had left off that morning with an open “let’s meet up tonight” vibe that got to me. She said she was pretty tired…

    I’m probably overthinking all of it but I guess that coupled with my diagnosis are leaving me a mess rn

  5. Thanks for your input. I'm not in any pain over it nor am I trying to replace her boyfriend. The dynamic of our friendship just kind of makes me feel like it should be something she's aware of. I think I mostly just want to avoid being one of those guys that says something years down the line

  6. I get him being upset over mentioning random guys names in my sleep, but I genuinely don’t even know anyone with the name he said I said, and I’ve been asleep each time and he tries to wake me up for sex and I start randomly talking from my sleep.

  7. TIL I learned that because I'm a leader I have masculine energy 🙄 LOL kick that insecure little bitch boy to the curb. Leadership skills get you success in life.

  8. It wouldn't be rude. Be upfront about it. Tell him that you're not interested in talking to him or being in any kind of contact with him. He needs to respect that

  9. “It's really so much easier speaking to you than my wife. Even just being in your presence makes me happy”

    Stuff like this is very much classic manipulation as another reply commented.

  10. If she’s willing to hit you in front of them, I don’t think you can say with 100% confidence that she won’t hurt them.

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