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Date: November 6, 2022

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  1. Really? You are a dirtbag cheat and you come to the internet and ask for advice on how to be an even bigger dirtbag?

  2. Oh, maybe she's anxious in the new environment? If this didn't start til recently I'd look into an animal behaviorist to understand why and what you can do to help her.

  3. Well some people do want sex sooner than later

    You two are not matching in that regard so you may just need to end it because otherwise you'll continue to feel stressed and worry about how he is not happy in the relationship.

    In the end you may even go ahead and have sex but you won't really feel happy about it, because you weren't ready to do it and you would have felt like he forced you to do it.

  4. How's the status of your communication? Considering the fact that you have young children and she has a lot of work stress, how often do you get to take a break, especially a really meaningful break where you both don't have to worry?

    How much time and effort do you put into creating intimacy outside the bedroom? How often do you plan a date night? How often do you get to share something meaningful together?

  5. She’s not even an ex wife. Just an ex he was with for a year and a few months…that includes pregnancy.

    He clearly prioritizes the need to keep the peace over everything else. He won’t tell the daughter bc she’ll tell her mom and I’m sure all hell will break loose.

    She hasn’t said a word to him in a month or so…when they’re in the same room for school functions and such, she pretends she doesn’t see him or know him. Extremely childish.

    He’s allowed this to go on for years, so at this point…he’s created a monster.

  6. They use apps. Look for weird accounts following him on social media. Their accounts often “like” everything. They often want to follow the wife, too, so see if anyone you don’t know started following you recently. They sometimes know one of his friends and will use that as a cover, too. Guys will often get a separate phone just for cheating. See if he has a “work phone”. Look for archived messages. Don’t look just for female accounts, either.

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