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  1. Dude just do it. Will it eventually go up in flames? Probably. But I thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts. You can always move out if it gets weird. Until then have some fun! And hey, what if it doesn’t get weird? It could end up being an amazing experience. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

  2. This is why you shouldn't have a child until you're fully ready and absolutely want one.

    I child is not a plant or a dog that you can stop taking care of once you've tried it and found out you were allergic, didn't like it or weren't good at it.

    It's not something you can “power through”.

    You are a parent until you die, even if your child dies before you.

    The only thing you have control over once they're born is whether you are a good, bad or absent parent.

    Being a stay-at-home mom doesn't have value in a capitalist country but if you calculate what you would have to pay a stranger to do what a S.a.H. mother does you realize the bill gets pretty big, pretty quick.

    Even if you start doing most of it yourself, like cleaning, shopping, laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. it still costs you time.

    Being a S.a.H. parent is never something I would do personally but I make sure to stop myself from ever looking down on them, because while it may seem like a walk in the park compared to our monotonous clocking in and clocking out day after day endlessly, we go home at the end of a day or a deployment.

    Home is work for them, they never leave work for more than a couple hours, and an excuse is always required(hair, nails, brunch, events, etc.) they can't just take a break because they're tired or go in vacation from it.

    It IS nude labor, it's emotionally and physically taxing, it constantly presents new academic, spiritual and ethical challenges that require split-second decisions and constant adaption.

    Have you ever started getting paid to do something you love? Eventually you start to love it a little less, or maybe you still love it but wish you could take a break or just complain about how naked it is every once and a while.

    It's something you are required to do by law and it's a job that's looked down on and earns no gratitude or money, especially from the child themself, and that's ok.

    However, when you have a partner, someone who is willing to share the burden with you and help you in times of need for the same in return, there it a trust that starts to build.

    When a child is introduced, that trust is now worth life or death.

    More than half of girls are born with the proper anatomy to carry a child but no one is born a mother.

    Everything that she has shown you, like how to change a diaper, warm formula, baby-proof, which food is best, what's unsafe, pick up and put down a safely, etc. She learned by herself, she took the time and energy to seek out that information and become a better parent actively, every day.

    From what I hear and my own feelings I'd say she's not angry you left your baby in the car, you responded in the best way possible, you immediately recognized the mistake, reported and corrected it.

    She's probably mad because you don't see what she does as nude work, you thought it didn't require any preparation or effort so you didn't put any in.

    Personally I don't see a man making one mistake, I see the one time she was exhausted enough to finally ask a man who made the decision to become a parent with her for help, he failed in a way that put your baby's life in danger.

    Yes the baby lived this time and you're both so lucky.

    But now the ability to ask for help is damaged because the trust in you as someone who will put effort into being a mindful parent is damaged.

    Yes, you are providing money… And what else?

    You have an opportunity to share the load with her and you put in minimal, begrudged effort.

    You have the opportunity to remind her you appreciate that you don't have to do this alone but it seems(from here), you don't.

    You have the opportunity to try to be a good father but all you can think about is that you didn't want this child in the first place.

    This is why you shouldn't have a child until you're fully ready and absolutely want one.

    It's too late to complain about not being sure or being tired.

    The child exists.

    It's time to step up or step out.

    Having one foot in your roll as a father and one foot in “what-if” is a sure-fire way to be a terrible father and husband, if you want to leave this behind and can't handle fatherhood and equal partnership then I strongly suggest you leave now while she has time to adapt, pay your child support for 16 years and marry a woman who works and doesn't want kids.

    Otherwise, it's time to work harder than you thought anyone could, and show that you're ready to put in real effort.

    You fucked up the one time she asked for help, it's a bigger deal than you think.

    _ I may seem harsh but it's too late to be talking about whether you wanted a kid or not.

    I don't dislike people who don't want children(I don't want children.)

    But I do hate people who don't want kids and have them anyway.

    When I tell you that the child and mother are better off with you gone over being half-assed I really do mean it. Whether you decide to be better or leave? I really hope this is your wake-up call.

  3. Dude, don't ask to be included – if she wanted you there she would ask you. I'm sorry but you gotta just cut this off – her behavior and attitude toward you on this topic is ridiculous and is not healthy for you.

  4. True. It’s a very toxic work environment and I don’t need to contribute more as you said. I’m just ruminating and frustrated about the whole situation. I moved all the way to a new city for this job in January and it’s been hell

  5. It's definitely a bit quick to be considering marriage after just 6 months, especially with the distance and new job in the mix. The fact that he's pressuring you and involving others isn't cool either. My advice? Have a serious, open conversation about your feelings, boundaries, and why you think it's too soon. If he can't respect that, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship. Trust your gut and take your time!

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