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  1. No worries bro. don't overthink it and good luck! but remember if it doesn't work out there's 4 billion women out there!! the odds are in your favour!

  2. Her mom died a few days ago, it’s not right. Not now at least. Even if she asked me, I’d say no. I’ll still support her through all this, but i think it would seem very inappropriate

  3. You don’t make anyone grow up.

    You leave them in the past and let them grow up alone or be someone else’s problem.

    You’re allowed to have an opinion, and you’re allowed to voice it.

    This guy is a dork.

  4. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    Before I begin, I’m exhausted by our conversations around porn. Porn has been an issue in our relationship for almost a year now. First he was doing it daily, and I affected our sex life. After chatting he admitted that was too much and said that he would try not to do it for 1 month and couldn’t. Then said he wouldn’t do it at work anymore (appeared to be successful here). Then he reduced it 3 times a week which still sucked bc I felt like we weren’t haven’t sex as often and it seemed like he was just waiting for me to leave to jack off. I’d come back from an errand or the gym and would want to be intimate but he’d had just came.

    Things have been better but I just found out he jacked off at work again.

    What do y’all think? I used to be fine with porn, then really hated it bc he was choosing it over me regularly, and now I’m more neutral but I find the need to do it at work pathetic. I’m also terrified of ending up with a porn addict. He doesn’t think he’s a porn addict by the way. But if you read some of my older posts you’d know that he was and that those tendencies are still there.

    UPDATE/ NEW QUESTION: 🙋🏻‍♀️ Does anybody think if I’m just really extra nice and patient and forgiving for a month that it’ll make talking about how I think this is an issue better? Like right now is NOT the moment for him to intercept this information.

    UPDATE #2!!! Omg I’m sorry I cannot respond to everyone and everything right now… but… my bf and I spoke tonight and he admitted that the work masturbation was wrong. I said I think you should find a better way to cope with stress. He agreed and thought about how it could affect his career. But he mentioned how I’m not cool with walking in on him masturbating while I’m home. But ALSO not cool with him WAITING for me to leave to go jack off.

    So I said… I need to think about that. What do y’all think?

    I also mentioned how I feel like he’s not totally present when we fuck. He said that he usually imagines another random person on the internet before he’s about to cum. He says it’s bc he 1.) has a unique kink (that I can’t fulfill bc of a physical limitation) and 2.) bc he says my libido is so much higher that he can’t cum 2 to 3 times a week and needs to imagine somebody else at the last minute to “get him there.”

    But to conclude, he says he won’t change THAT bc he has this kink and he needs to imagine someone else right before he cums to be able to cum, bc we have sex SO MUCH (I.e., 1-2 times a week). But, he agreed he has a mild addiction that he feels like he can control (bc he used to watch porn daily and now watches it 3x a week) and does not want to do it at work anymore. He said that even before I said something he decided that he shouldn’t be doing that shit.

    So, I’m trying to wonder what I should do next. What feels right here???

  5. Based on your own words that's not true.

    You expressed that you wanted to move in, she said no. Conversation should've ended there but it didn't. You then asked if you could find other roommates and move in together, which was another no. She then specifically said to you “live with whoever you want but not me,” and she explained why, which you once again argued against what she said. Instead of respecting that decision you gave her an ultimatum, stay or go.

    She chose to go, she chose the break up. No one said you're not allowed to be disappointed, but to take no responsibility for your actions is a little much. In your comments you've added more reasons about why you haven't felt the love from her. Basing solely on the original post, you were in the wrong.

  6. I couldn't follow that. It sounds like she expects you to just give her money. If that's the case, run.

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