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Date: October 7, 2022

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  1. You can't lady. Your brother is someone who is responsible for you. He might have said that as a joke or maybe to toughen him up. If your bf gets weepy after his statement then he really needs to tough up a little.

  2. This. This dudes strength probably isn't even special. Almost all men could do that. It's cool to be afraid, that's normal, but you're experiencing a paradigm shift. The world just got a lot less safe in your mind. But the good news is, you now have a more accurate judge to danger than you did a month ago. Your dude seems like a good guy. Keep him around for a while

  3. Understood. She is not wife material, just your current squeeze.

    There is no obligation for you to pay her if this was not agreed before hand.

  4. Reading all the rest of you comments, I think you are an amazing, loving and giving person – I really do mean it! I mean, carrying for someone that apparently does not care for you, working naked to support both of you, doing chores around the house and also being considered of his feelings. You deserve so much better than someone who just leaches of you.

  5. Ah yes “learning to trust women again”. Do you trust men then? I assure there are as many terrible men as there are women. Just, because you can't trust some men does not make you distrustful of men in general, I presume. You simply need to filter people out, whether it comes to friendship or love.

    Judge people based on their actions rather than words. Granted words can constitute actions. If for example your partner defends you in public in argument this is an action performed by words.

    However, if she explains sth to you and there is disparity behind her alleged intentions and actual actions, you need to trust actions. Finally, when you do notice red flags, it might be better to leave before you get overly attached (granted you shouldn't overreact to every negative situation either).

  6. It diesn't seem she has done anything after you got official, that would warrant suspicion. Well, one thing she shouldn't do is deleting messages. It's better if she doesn't delete anything. This way you will be able to check what was going on, instead of only hearing it of her words.

  7. Thank you! I would be happy to right now because I love being a mom but I do see myself returning to work even if it’s just part time as my baby gets older. I teach ballet and am a former ballet dancer so my career is also my passion. But my earning potential with that is only so much. In Nj where we are the cost of daycare would only be marginally less then what I can expect to make and so for that we would prefer I be the one to be with her all day. Overall I am happy with this plan but just concerned about my financial vulnerability

  8. OK this is a lot. You maybe need to talk to somebody about this but not Reddit. And for the future, stop dating cat people! It’s so stupid, you know it’s a dealbreaker.

  9. He can make a proposal of what he wants to do. Doesn’t mean that you will agree. Give him what he wants: freedom. You have a nice long life in front of you. You’ll be free, too.

  10. That had to be scary and I can appreciate your frustration.

    That said, I think the fix moving forward is to stick to agreed upon court ordered visit times. That also means you being on time. It’s naked to make a claim that he didn’t show if you weren’t there on time.

    I know 5 min isn’t a huge deal but in coparenting? Especially high conflict coparenting? It can be.

  11. That is a fair point & I’m not familiar with the US law assuming that’s where OP is from. Im sorry to hear about your circumstance, that is very shitty. Where I’m from, they will consider contributions made especially when looking after children but the family law system still screws everyone over.

  12. Thank you. I truly appreciate your comment. I absolutely agree with you. I think those friendship were a comfort to my mom and our ''kid'' situation sort of destroyed that comfort. She just wanted it to be back to the way it was, but that was in no way possible.

    You can't wish for it to go back to normal and us being friends again, but on the other hand claim that my return is causing problems to Kyle and Ashley's relationship.

    Sometimes I truly regret going back 2 years ago, but if I didn't I'd still be no contact with my sibilings.

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