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  1. I do see this from both sides, so it's a tough one..

    From his perspective.. Negativity bias isn't fun to live with. I am also a person who compulsively critiques fucking everything and it's not something I like about myself or a world I enjoy living in. Unfortunately, I can't help it.. my mind just works like that because I have wicked ADHD.

    People with ADHD often suffer with negativity bias because our brains crave stimulation, and negative feelings are more stimulating to the brain than positive ones.. maybe look into whether or not this is what could be affecting his perception?

    On the other hand…

    You cannot online a healthy life with someone who does not allow you to experience any positive emotions.

    It will drain the life from you, and sooner or later, you will have to leave. I can categorically promise you that HE IS NOT WORTH what you will be giving up by allowing him to chip away at your self esteem.

    Regardless of whether or not he means it or if his actions can be justified.. the end result will be the same. He will continue to chip away at you until you too start seeing the bad in everything and can't stop. Eventually you will be forced to either put yourself first or lose yourself.

    How much of your soul are you willing to give away before that happens?

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