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Languages: en,zh

Birth Date: 1999-07-18

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

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Subculture: subcultureHipster

Date: October 10, 2022

8 thoughts on “TANYA0000live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You mentioned buying a house with him and dude has a poor credit score already and doesn’t care about it? Girl pack your sheeet and don’t look back. He’s a leech, just like his mommy.

  2. He isn’t the one for you. He’s an absolute clown.

    I know there are plenty of decent people who would want to hear your story and not take it personally, and instead sympathize/empathize with you and not make you feel disgusting for sharing parts about yourself that are personal.

    Cut this guy off dude. He’s an idiot.

  3. I have so many questions, what if you fart at night? There's micro particles of poop even in your farts… what if you have discharge? And how often do you have to change your sheets then? If you sweat there's no clothes to catch the sweat it goes directly on the sheets

  4. You deserve to marry someone who has no question in their mind they want to marry you.

    Why would you settle for this?

  5. OP, anyone this weak willed and malleable just isn't worth your time. If she responds to being “ordered” by anyone (other than an employer or her military commander) to do anything she doesn't have the spine to be a good partner to anyone. Under the circumstances the best thing for you would be to not get back with her.

  6. We all know the truth and deep done you do too! Sorry to say this, her behavior before the incident has all the signs we see her when someone is cheating. All the comments are going to say to leave her and it’s up to you but we all know the truth and so does she. How would you trust she hasn’t said already something to her sister or roommate to agree with her version. The point is your gut is telling you what you know already. Let her go, it’s been 6 months and you are already having trust issues?

  7. I agree. For me it's not even a forgiveness situation because I wouldn't have standing to demand an apology in the situation. However, when my friend changes the terms of the friendship and also the terms of the relationship with my sibling, they're both going to have to accept it's a different relationship now and respect my boundaries if they expect me to respect theirs. No one ever died because someone went from being close to them to being cordial and more distant.

  8. called me a radical feminist for letting our son cry?

    I told him it was hurtful and he told me I was sensitive. So I told him well yeah, every inch of my body hurts. My tits ring in pain every time he cries and I still cant feel anything below the waist. So yes, I’m sensitive right now 😅 He told me I was playing victim

    OP sorry to say this but unless you have personally self described as a feminist and attributed your parenting decisions to that, I think you just married a misogynist.

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