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Date: November 1, 2022

11 thoughts on “tequila_sex420live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You should feel nervous this is happening so early on. The more comfortable he gets with you the more comfortable he will become taking his anger out on you.

  2. Yea okay. I’ve never met a 12 year old that didn’t sound like a 12 year old. And 3 years puts you at 15 so still disgusting.

  3. Funerals create different emotions in different people. Fear of having whatever emotion makes it even worse to deal with. No matter how much it seems his attendance should happen, how logical your argument is … it's going to come down to an emotional approach. Maybe the next time you ask him about it you can show a little emotion. When he says no … maybe allow yourself to cry a little. A fake cry might have unhappy consequences. Just a thought. You decide. Best wishes.

  4. Exactly. If he had told his gf that her tits were too small no woman in a 100 mile radius would be suggesting she have a conversation with him about it. Just end it, OP. Rip the band side off and go put your wiener in someone who likes it

  5. Yeah don't take that shit man. Tell her the lack of conviction and fidelity is unattractive, and then dump her. Don't fuck around with people like this, they'll screw with your brain.

  6. Here is the real answer to your conundrum…

    Ask yourself the following two questions:

    1) Would you be okay with your husband wanting to involve himself in an activity/sport that involved him rolling around on the floor with, grabbing, and touching predominately young, fit females? If the answer is no, then you’re being a hypocrite and need to abstain. If the answer is yes then you’re not being a hypocrite and proceed with your plan and have a great time!

    2) Have you ever made a request of your husband for him to do or not do something that by societal standards was silly of you to ask but because of how you felt you asked him anyway? Did he respect your wishes and request or did he blow it off? This indicates whether he is being unfair or if you’re not reciprocating.

    Relationships are about balance and mutual respect for one another. Not about principle or what other people think. A thing most people would be okay with might make others uncomfortable and if you want people to respect and be understanding about what you dislike and what makes you feel uncomfortable then you have to show other people that same respect and courtesy. Now if your husband is doing things regardless of how they make you feel and doesn’t respect your wishes when it comes to this type of thing then your obviously under no moral obligation to respect his, and probably need to not be in that relationship.

  7. Well he's definitely manipulative. He's been lying for years about something and she's been providing something private and risky thinking it was for his benefit and he hasn't even been using it. That's pretty fucked up. Just knowing that your partner has straight faced lied to you multiple times is unsettling.

  8. Yea it’s been affecting us both in a lot of way. It’s just things werent like that at all, and thought this was a rough patch

  9. Tell him a fantasy you have about him and one of his best friends in a threesome. Do it in detail.

    You will understand that he doesn't understand how insensitive he has just been.

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