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Date: October 2, 2022

33 thoughts on “༺ , ??????? ༻ live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I can understand the sentiment, but if you're just going to protect your son and accept his behavior in the process it's not helping her at all

  2. Just break up. You two aren’t compatible and there is no reason to drag this out and continue to be miserable.

  3. OP she sounds like she has some severe self esteem and control issues but those are things she needs to work through on her own.

    However why are you with someone that acts this way towards you?

  4. You’re bringing in “whataboutism” into the argument to supplement your stance. Didn’t dive deep enough into the lore to know that there was a women involved who’s sexuality wasn’t in question…

    Point being.. your anecdotal experience doesn’t equate here. People don’t assume others sexuality unless explicitly stated. At least, it’s 2022, and that’s the norm where I’m from

  5. Now you’re moving the goal posts because people aren’t agreeing with you about there being an issue. Just talk to her about it and quit being so insecure.

  6. Sorry, hijacking your comment because I've been there.

    Hey OP. Im a survivor too. It took me so long to finally trust someone, and when I did, my ex response was to cry. He actually empathy cried, and my husband didn't, but he was furious both sat by me and allowed me to talk. They wouldn't be able to have sex, because abuse is a major turn off for decent people, and both times I told these two men and a few of my girls, the reaction was to be mad, sad, angry.

    My husband couldn't eat dinner after that talk, he said he was too pissed to eat. That's how normal people react to learning someone you love was a victim.

    You sat there retelling your deepest scars and this man sat beside you and… Felt aroused by it. This is beyond disgusting.

    He is fetichising your trauma. Don't wait for another flag to raise, you have enough. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. You are NOT stupid for “falling for that” and don't you DARE think this for even a second. He is a predator and you actually saw through it, even tho this man is probably gaslighting you the max, so you are badass for trusting your instincts enough to come here. He was counting on you not trusting yourself. And now you have the upper hand.

  7. Throw the whole man out. My mom had a similarly selfish partner when she lost her own mother to cancer. Nothing changed as she got more sick and nothing changed when she died. It doesn't ever get better. His behavior will be the same. I'm sure you want this company and comfort while you're going through this rough time, but his continued presence may only make your grieving more difficult as now he's shoveling negative things about you in the mix. Cut your losses and move on when you can.

  8. I will ask her to be involved but if she's comfortable (which I suspect she will be as we've spoken previously) I'll make the final choice so the ring itself

    Make sure to keep it an open discussion…. material, type of setting, stone, budget, matching wedding ring….there are quite a few things to consider. Just going to a shop like Pandora to get some “input” isn't half as helpful as some people make it out to be.

    It's not unusual for some couples to take months to find the perfect ring.

  9. This. Get an attorney and have them help you through the dumping and suing process. Do not negotiate any further or accept any sort of money from him.

  10. You’re 28 not 18. Are you really that naive?

    He values his job over a casual hookup.

    This is why the normal advice to people is “don’t shit where you eat”.

    You’ve learned it the nude way. Stop contacting him because he WILL report you to HR for sexual harassment if you carry on.

  11. By that logic…wouldn't he just marry someone else and have kids with them down the line? And probably cheat there too. The other woman is rarely believed by the gf, much less a newly engaged woman who hasn't caught on in all these years.

  12. If a former coworker or even an actual coworker drunk texted me or video called me at 3 am for fun, it would be extremely inappropriate. What did he want to tell her at 3 am… I would think a booty call? Your husband is a loser. Sorry Op.

  13. Wow, that's not even subtle sexism. Not sure what to suggest, because I don't think begging your partner for basic respect is something you should do. It's literally the bare minimum. Also, doesn't work.

    You did work on the house as a favor and he belittled you. That's what he did to make himself feel better. He'd prefer you meek and in need of his help all the time and frankly I just find that attitude repulsive.

    The thing is…this is really more of a worldview type thing, so I'm perplexed. Has he never said anything like that before?

  14. Just the story would travel fast between old co-workers and the like. Then that spreads quickly at the new job and they think “what the fuck did we get in to.”

  15. Never pass up your dreams and ambitions for a short trlerm partner. Embrace the opportunity.

    You can try long distance, take turns bisiting each other and see how that goes for a while, then take it from there. He may also be open to moving over with you in the future.

  16. She’s cheating on you. You don’t realize it now, but you’re dodging a crazy bullet. Put this girl in the past.

  17. This why the fuck are u staying with a man that has no respect for you or your body OP?

    From what u describe this man sees u as a human sexdoll for his convenience whether u want it or not. U cried during the first time u had sex because u felt pressured into it and u still stayed! That's not normal. Men that love u don't pressure u for sex!

    And for God's sake if u come with tht bullshit about how he's loving besides this.


    your no should be a no, your hesitant nature should be an indication that you don't feel comfortable saying no to this man because he doesn't care about your needs or what u want.

    Find yourself a man that actually gives a shit about u besides seeing u as holes he can use when he feels the urge to.

  18. I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with relationships with people with bpd, and if they came back after time.

  19. No. She is a person with clear boundaries.

    And her asshat of a husband won't respect that.

    They are incompatible in that point. He thinks random internet shit is important world news.

    She wants to be left alone with that.

    Which is her right. He is trampling her boundaries.

    How is SHE the issue?

  20. This is gonna be painful, but move on. This dude keeps giving excuses but there's a man out there that wants to marry you immediately. You're 33, never give a man more than 2 years of your time.

  21. Major points for just being annoyed. Doing that and sighing in happy relief essentially being proud of it ? I wouldn’t be thinking of that person the same way

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