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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Yeah my gf doesn’t want to accept my body count. I’ve been with 4 women and she doesn’t accept it and she’ll often shame me and she’ll say that she’s only been with one person before me. She’ll ask about me the sex with them and ask for details.

  2. Why do you tolerate this? When he buys stuff for your apartment, than decline the gift and just don‘t put it in your apartment. „No“ is a complete scentence.

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  4. Dave’s actually a victim as well if he would have wanted to know and then would have supported the child. He missed out on the opportunity to be a good father and to build a relationship with his son.

  5. You've already crossed the threshold and found the evidence. Was it a slightly crummy thing to do? Yes. However, let her know that you have the info, and it's game over for her.

    A little piece of advice: don't let this experience sour you or put a bitter taste in your mouth about women and relationships. Not everyone is going to cheat on you. You've learned a valuable lesson here. You learned to trust your instincts. Take that lesson and the other positive things you've learned from this relationship and move on. Best of luck.

  6. I think you're correct to perceive this as a red flag. The issue isn't asking for consent, it's that your girlfriend is not emotionally mature. That would be a huge turnoff for me. Make sure you're clear about your reasoning so that she can't use this to declare that you're creepy for not wanting to ask for consent.

    For the record, mutual and spontaneous kissing is beautiful thing. She's entitled to her boundary, but I agree that there's ways to decline a kiss if you're not interested without the buzzkill demand for verbal consent. Similarly if she simply wants things to go slower, just ask for that, don't overcomplicate things.

  7. Because majority of women are brainwashed into expecting the big lavish Disney fairytale wedding. That’s what they want, marriage is secondary. Notice how OP says she’s been illusioned by having attended other weddings so she wants one too. She hasn’t said she wants to take the next step, and be more secure in their relationship and all that marriage actually entails. Meanwhile boyfriend has said he doesn’t care for weddings, knows they are bs, they aren’t religious but will go along for it because she wants her fairytale wedding. He’s content because a piece of paper doesn’t dictate his involvement in the relationship, other women and society are the ones making it a bigger deal than it is.

  8. Well first off I’ve been married five times…LOL so obviously those weren’t my best decisions… what I meant by my best decision is that no matter what life threw at me I figured I could support two children on my own with no help from anyone else which turned out to be true… I got no child support from their father money wise or any kind of state or government help.. I’ve pretty much worked my whole life since 15 years of age.. I’m retired now and 70 years old is just around the corner… I still stand by what I said.. it was the most adult decision I ever made… nothing would be worse for me than to have a slew of kids with no way to care for them all and having to depend on the government to help… I feel bad for women that got themselves in a mess with more kids than they can care for..JMO…

  9. Feeding your children drunk is insane. And if your alarms are going off at the naked photos, RUN. your intuition isn’t lying.

    “I cant accept abuse, but …” it’s also wild. At no point should anyone EVER accept abuse. It is not ok. It is not something everyone goes through. It is not something you should ever have to go through.

  10. Yup yup yup, there was a woman at my old LGBT meet up who was “heterosexual but needed a bond to have sex” and THAT was more LGBT to them than me being there with my lesbian partner, so I just seperate off tbh and haven't really tried since

  11. It's all on you to decide. I would have a very hot time, but either she is worth it or not, and you either can or can't get over it.

  12. Babies should 100% yes on both parents. Also, he might want the baby but not want all the alive changes. Therapy is the time to open up emotionally, so you may have heard this out of context. I’d go based on what YOU want, and *address this if he actually tells you. *Address – not agree to.

  13. I don't get this sort of thinking.

    People deserve to know if they've been cheating on. OP wouldn't be doing anything wrong, actually, just something really right.. although I do have doubts only because of the fact they have a baby now. But it's really bizarre to me when people are against bringing justice to the other partner.

  14. I'm really sorry this is happening to you. It doesn't seem like you would, but please don't do anything you'll regret. Take some deep breaths, drink some water, and talk to someone you trust (if needed)

  15. I don’t want her to hurt herself

    So you'd rather she hurt you?

    She is not your responsibility

    Leave this abusive relationship OP

  16. I'm not even reading her post.

    If this is how you perceive your relationship, it clearly is extremely toxic and you need to leave, like, yesterday.

    If this is an embellished version to make people pick your side, it's still a toxic relationship that should end.

    Really, find a lawyer and end this agony.

  17. I have an ex like that. She told me she she lied about every crazy thing she told me to impress me. Loser.

  18. This is a rage bait troll.

    I cannot believe a 26 year old could possibly believe they are a good parent by moving a complete stranger into their kids safe space.

  19. I have to pray this is creative writing, rhe use of jovial tone a few times and “lol” while talking about a potentially life destroying revelation from a “named” throwaway account seems… just too surreal.

    Either way, sorry OP?

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