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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Op, your boyfriend is a creep. Why are you wasting your time with him? That’s not people watching, it’s being a creeper

  2. I never said LET IT GET HIT Jesus Christ.

    OP may legitimately be unable to remove the dog and also be unable to watch it 24/7 at the moment. That means the parents are likely still allowing the abuse. If OP can do literally nothing to prevent it, at least a Nanny Cam will capture the evidence.

    Don't jump to sick conclusions, that's disgusting!

  3. The dog has to go. Whether or not it is put down or re-homed is up to you, but it can't remain I your house.

  4. I'm going to be a bit of a contrarian and say, maybe this is comparable to height preferences, so is having height preferences in men creepy and an immediate red flag against a woman? I think a lot of people would say yes but a lot of the very offended individuals in this thread would probably be against you holding it against them. It is definitely weird that his friends know him as the type to always date way younger, but what are his reasons? Is he really just going to Leo a woman and drop her because she gets too old? I have a friend that only dates under 30 because he still wants a family and worries about having enough time. I kind of roll my eyes at him but I guess I do understand, and ultimately it makes more sense than only dating 6' guys when you are like 5' 3″ and can't even tell the difference anyhow.

  5. Oh hun, leave this man. I know on Reddit we say that a lot. If you are feeling used by your partner, they arent a very good partner.

  6. It takes two to tango that's why he still participated in the activity of sex. Abortion has more then just physical affects it has mental some women never recover from the abortion He could just sign his rights away or not put his name on the birth certificate and he wouldn't have to pay there's ways to not pay

  7. You kinda opened yourself up to it here by messaging your ex. Honestly the best that could have gotten is him ignoring you.

    He’s hurt so he lashed out. Broken up with people do that sometimes. Doesn’t make you a villain, but you didn’t respect the space you wanted and created by breaking up.

    You only reach back out or question these things when you hit the point you feel lonely.

    You doing this and asking these things is the loneliness talking. If you get right with feeling that way but being okay, you’ll be alright.

    If you listen to that and have an ex that does want to get back together, that’s how most people waste half a decade or longer.

    After all, if you were back in the same exact relationship you were in with the same dynamics, how does it ever end different?

  8. Male or female shouldn't matter. I'd make ONE exception for ex's just because there is an already established history that can, and has, ruined/broken up many relationships once they (the ex) comes back into play.

    Don't capitulate to either one; male or female.

    Either he trusts you (he doesn't) to have a life outside of your relationship or he doesn't (he doesn't). But don't capitulate to the control.

  9. Male or female shouldn't matter. I'd make ONE exception for ex's just because there is an already established history that can, and has, ruined/broken up many relationships once they (the ex) comes back into play.

    Don't capitulate to either one; male or female.

    Either he trusts you (he doesn't) to have a life outside of your relationship or he doesn't (he doesn't). But don't capitulate to the control.

  10. I was looking for a comment like this. What she describes doesn't seem physically possible–how do you go from fucking to instantly pissing? Male anatomy doesn't work that way.

  11. Your period and peeing are not the same thing at all. Pee can be held in. And yes, if you know your boyfriend doesn't want to have sex while you are on your period, and you then hide it from him and try to have sex anyways, yes, that is a violation.

  12. Literally no one said you had to have sex with anyone.

    But saying you won’t date a person because they’re trans is transphobic. How is it not? You are saying “I know nothing about about this person but won’t date them because they’re trans.”

    Why? Why not? Like I’m literally trying to understand how, in any way, that couldn’t be transphobic. You don’t want to date them because they’re trans. You guys are all acting like they are some weird third sex. They’re just men/woman with a different background.

    If I wouldn’t date a woman because she was cis, that would be really fuckin weird and would show some weird shit about what I think about trans AND cis woman. Why is that not true in reverse?

  13. You are being manipulated and used. Time to break up, stay single and really spend some time working on your self-esteem and learning about boundaries and healthy relationships.

    Your future ex-boyfriends lifestyle is not for you and he will push you more and more until you either give up and accept the whole thing or ruin yourself trying.

  14. Look he is clearly jealous. Whats important right bow is how do you feel? Think about that and communicate that with him. If you still want to be with him and be in an open marriage then just reassure him about your relationship. Encourage him to meet another lady, maybe even help him.

  15. You stayed by his side at his worst, tolerated his abuse, and he says he can't handle a little bit of weight gain?!

    You don't need to look 'good' for your husband. You should only look 'good' for yourself.

    Get rid of him.

  16. Na, stick with your step-dad, I'm sure being effectively disowned by his daughter won't kill him. Besides, you are obviously a mommy's girl and catering to HER wishes for YOUR wedding. You and your mum are trash for considering this

  17. The red flag for your sister should’ve been that he was cheating on you with her. If that didn’t show “manipulative piece of shit” I don’t know if you warning her beforehand would’ve, you know, if you actually had known (which you didn’t). You have no need to feel guilty, just sorry for your sister for having been through this. Sucks that this man has somehow hurt both of you and ruined family ties.

  18. We had this dog for at least 7 years. We want the best for him, without risking our and other people's safety.

  19. Be careful of what you wish for. You obviously wanted him for some reason and now you have him. He won't change and now you are stuck with him, YOU have to be the one to make changes unless you want to stay in a very obviously financially abusive marriage.

    It sounds like you put up with a load a crap to get a ring and now you realise you made a VERY poor bargain.

    Please don't have kids. Either get tough and keep your money or divorce. You don't have to be nice about it or get him to agree , he is also stuck with you remember!

  20. Bro I don’t think you know what the definition of incredible is. You said this happens for days and hours at a time it’s not that hard to be incredible for a couple hours or a fucking day. He’s obsessed with his fetish and getting you to do something that you don’t like and making you lie that you would love it. That’s fucking sick and making you do something you don’t want is probably part of the fetish. How about you actually be alone for a while instead of being like well this is the best out of the four relationships I’ve had? You are your own person and don’t need anyone to complete you. If you continue to think you do, you will continue to be in a bad situation and at some point, you have to start looking at your own choices and what you decide to accept from others.

  21. Rich accusation, coming from a 32 year old dating a 22 year old. Please don't waste your youth on this guy.

  22. Maybe sit your parents down and talk to them. Tell them that you understand their dating rule but you’ve been in this relationship before the rule was put in place, and that it’s unfair to be kept in the dark about not only the reason behind it but what did your siblings do to have you punished for it?

    Are you in contact with your siblings and/or their significant others? Can you ask them before you ask your parents to get an understanding on what happened (even if it’s only their side you’ll hear)?

  23. True. But, don’t you think that in the name of transparency, she should have disclosed this? She was afraid, she’d lose him—so what? If this was going to scare him off, he needed to be gone. He deserved to have the right to decide if he wanted to continue the relationship. She took that away from him.

  24. Fucking own it and tell her you dig her instead of this mind games bullshit bro. She flat out asked you for the direct truth and you still danced around it. Not telling her your intentions make you creepy.

  25. Treatable doesn’t mean fixable. I was in therapy for years, unfortunately being around people or situations will still trigger that. Part of living with cptsd is avoiding triggering scenarios, that is the treatment. It’s not like you go to therapy, get some meds and poof you no longer have complex post traumatic stress disorder. It comes from trauma so significant it literally changes the way the brain works.

    Quite literally one of the first things the psychiatrist said to me was mental illness isn’t fixable, medication and therapy is never going to make it go away completely, they are tools to help you learn to online with it so life will be less difficult.

    I absolutely wish that therapy would fix it. That would be so lovely.

  26. You can wait months for him to confirm he's breaking up with you, or you can end things now and spend those same months getting on with your life. A break up is a break up, there's always that sting. But a decisive break up is better than a drawn out process languishing in uncertainty and false hope. Give yourself something at least.

  27. Lol, this is not a big deal AT ALL. You apologized and you clearly feel bad, just keep quiet for a few days but don't leave the group chat because i doubt anyone else felt personally offended by your comments.

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