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Date: September 19, 2022

27 thoughts on “❀❀❀Lily❀❀❀ the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. He can literally go to prison for possession of child porn@graphy now. You might want to tell him to delete those now. I hope you now understand the gravity of the situation with everyone’s answers. Being emancipated doesn’t make you any older or above the age of consent your age is still your age.

  2. Get a lawyer, you need to got no court. Keep documentation of her insanity (I’m hoping she’s stupid enough to put this in text). What she’s doing is child abuse, it’s also blackmail. Do not allow this, this woman shouldn’t be raising a child.

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  4. You can't stop him, but you can encourage his partners to make the most of the situation. Use the increased stability to get an education or a life skill.

  5. That could be manipulative on her part and a strategy to avoid the discussion. She could also legitimately be feeling attacked. Ask her how you should approach this if she feels this way every time or perhaps seeing a couples counselor would help.

  6. Sometimes you just have to resign yourself to not knowing. I had a friend of several years ditch me (directly after she asked for and got an expensive gift from me, btw, so that was fun), and I've been unable to figure it out for months. But I'm not wasting energy on it anymore. I know I tried my hardest to be a good friend. I feel a little used, but I guess I'll try harder next time to PICK a good friend. Not the same as dating, but it's tough getting ghosted regardless.

  7. My husband cheated on all his girlfriends, a few of them with me. You are not his ex, but I understand your concerns.

  8. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    So I was talking to my bf the other day and I forget how the conversation started but the topic ended up going to cheating and my boyfriend admitted to cheating on his ex. I asked him if it was the only time he cheated and he said no, he cheated on all of his exes (he said he’s had 3 serious relationships). I asked him why and he said he was being stupid and immature, and he regrets it, and doesn’t want to hurt a woman he’s with in that way again. He also said that was one of the reasons that he didn’t date for 8 years after breaking up with his last ex.

    Now I’m really thinking twice about being with him. We’ve been together for 6 months and I find cheating to be a major character flaw. A one off, I can maybe overlook but cheating on all his exes? I don’t want to be next. But he did say he worked on himself, so idk what to do. And I’ve fallen for him too. Should I give him the benefit of the doubt or break up now?

  9. Thank you and thank you for reading the entire post. I just had to get all of it out in case there was some minor detail that would make sense of everything. I’m a logical guy and my mind is being blown by some of the things her friends are telling me – yep some of her closest friends reached out and said I did the right thing and they support me. They even told me she had an affair with a married man once. I asked her about it on a call last night and she said she ended things as soon as she found out he was separated. I’m finding she lies with half-truths and it’s easy to get away with those when you have someone’s trust.

  10. She called you a pig because she tried to tell you to tone it down a lot of times, you completely disregarded her words, and now she's fed up.

    I don't think you're a pig. But you're a clueless AH and you should stop making excuses for yourself and start actually listening when your girlfriend expresses discomfort. Yes, even if that means you won't be touching her as much as you'd want.

  11. I’ve been in this situation twice, the leaving a long term relationship and getting super attached to someone immediately after. It’s a character flaw of mine that is typically described as ‘hopeless romantic’. It always fosters room for codependency. The first time I did it, it ended up being a mistake. It went naked and fast immediately and it was awesome until I realized my finances and life were tied up with someone that I loved but didn’t like that much and had different life goals than me. The break up sucked. I did the same shit again shortly after and everything is perfect. It’s been almost 3 years and we’re still deeply in love, tied at the hip, never fight, and have the same life goals. The codependency is still there, but managed enough that we can still take long trips without the other or spend time alone and have fun and have our own hobbies.

    To summarize, you’re taking a big leap of faith. It could work out or it could go really wrong. Don’t do what I did or what you’re about to do, just real it back a bit and protect your heart. I would keep this going and see where it goes because it sounds great so far, but always make time for yourself, you will lose yourself in the codependency if you can’t manage it.

  12. Take your cougar titties and be gone under the bridge. What kinda of perverted troll writes this? lol

  13. But D, myself, and the other friend are worried my now ex may turn this into a big drama among their friend group which could end up breaking it. I’d feel bad if that happened, so just have to hope it doesn’t.

    Maybe if your ex starts to stir up some drama in the friends group, then it would be better to inform them of what actually happened and then all of them can decide whether they want to stay friends with the ex or not. If she’s lying to you and gaslighting you, then she probably does the same to the people from the friends group as well. It’s better not to have friends like your ex.

  14. What your boyfriend doing is a learned behavior. Complaining probably worked for him as a child, so it is all he knows how to do now.

    That doesn’t mean it’s OK though! He needs to understand that you matter, too. And as a partner, he is supposed to treat you equally to himself.

    I think you need to talk to him about it. If he cannot contain his outbursts, that means it must be so bad he has to go to the hospital.

  15. You guys need to stop enabling her and her husband. She’s scrambling to bail her lazy POS husband who has other kids he’s not even supporting. She’s focusing on that instead of providing a home for her two toddlers.

    I wouldn’t let her move in without two paystubs proving steady income. There’s a reason they won’t get jobs and it’s because they expect everyone to pay for them.

    If you want to do anything consider taking in the kids IF you can. And if you do that make sure there’s legal protections in place so she cannot bounce around with the kids. That would be the ONLY thing I would consider at this point. If your sister wants to be lazy and bail out her deadbeat husband they can do that alone

  16. Bias noted.

    Yes, everybody has a bias, but it's very clear when someone has a shitty personality, as you've even noted yourself.

  17. He agreed to set boundaries and no NC with her. He broke those boundaries. He absolutely did something wrong.

    Unless you are a cheater or former cheater, don’t date cheaters. They are lacking several qualities that make up a good partner.

  18. You know words work too, like, hey, can you take the dog out? And then he takes the dog out.

    The issue is a lack of respect for something he has invested time in. Dunk

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