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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Consider it foreshadowing, your guy wouldn't stand up for you over something that didn't really matter.

    What do you think his reaction will be when shit goes south and you need to rely on him for absolutely anything? I would expect the same behavior.

  2. This is kind of how I feel to be honest. I've been in relationships with jealous pets that needless to say went out of their way to compete with attention from my partner. It reminds me a bit of the show Archer, and Mallory's affection to her late dog.

  3. If someone spends 7 years not wanting commitment another 3 doesn’t make them magically want that. Neither does a kid. If you use your eyes and ears and listen to what they say and do, listen to those things.

    The best friend is not your ideal person, they are simply someone who you don’t see the same problems with.

    No it’s not worth it, and no the friend isn’t better either.

    Until you become independent and learn how to handle that I don’t think you’ll be able to make decisions in your own best interests.

    The rental market being terrible is no excuse for not doing that. You find roommates, you take a sublease, and if there’s truly zero options you move to a place you can and pick up a new job there.

    People are never going to make you happy if you never learn to have stability apart from them. While you don’t independently maintain your own living situation, you can’t say you do because that is one of the most basic levels of independent personal stability.

  4. You actively went and set up and account, paid money to get the upgraded version even, you have no excuse. So what? Next time you’re lonely you’ll possibly cheat?

    You’ve shown you aren’t trustworthy when alone.

  5. You know it is an act. He believes he has you trapped now, and you admit he kind of does if you keep the baby. Keep up with your plan, add in an abortion if you can figure it out. Get away from this guy. You know he will go back to the way he was before the minute he thinks you have decided to give up and stay.

  6. There’s a major difference between being intimidating, and being a pain in the ass to deal with.

    I’ve had plenty of male friends that were “intimidating”

    Or so they figured.

    They really were just abrasive, obnoxious, cry babies, that were easier to agree with and get out of the way rather than them having some kind of superior presence.

    Just cut ties, you will eventually someday anyway. These people don’t last in your life forever imo.

  7. Generally when people ask for advice, it’s in the form of a question. What exactly is the issue you want advice on? There are several things brought up here. Like do you wanna know what the ring shopping bit was about? Do you wanna know if you should try dating other people? Do you want advice on your or his behavior? What?

  8. She did you a favor. She is too young to consider any kind of commitment or enforce any boundaries. A fuckbuddy or fwb, that's about it.

    If you want commitment, more mature >24 yo girls would be the better option.

  9. What feels right to me is waiting until she sets up a date. If she doesn't, she's not as interested in me than I am in her.

  10. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    TLDR I’m not sure if I should have my Father/Daughter dance with my dad or stepdad who I spent the most time with.

    I had a small wedding ceremony with my husband [27M] in January with only our parents in attendance, but we’re having a reception/celebration next week with family and friends. My MIL planned the whole party, and she’s very excited to have a mother/son dance. I want to fulfill her wish as she has put a lot of time and money into this, but I have a personal problem that’s getting in the way.

    My mom and dad divorced when I was 6, and my mom quickly got together with my now stepdad. It was clear they got together while my parents were still technically married. My dad was no saint, so this never bothered me, but it does still upset my dad to this day when my stepdad is mentioned. When I was 7, my mom and stepdad moved me and my brother to another city hundreds of miles away. This made it difficult to see my dad as often as I wanted to, and he worked in a demanding field where it was difficult to take time off. He did his best, and I was always close with him.

    Since my wedding plans started, my mom has been making comments suggesting that my stepdad should be treated as my real dad. She was upset when my husband asked my dad for permission to marry me and not my stepdad. She also suggested I ask my stepdad to walk me down the aisle. I had my actual dad walk me down the aisle, and I never mentioned my mom’s comments to him. She believes that since my stepdad had more of a part in raising me, he should be given these roles. I could see her position if my dad was absent or deceased, but he’s neither. I don’t think it’s his fault she moved us so far away. I also adore my stepdad, and I feel very lucky to have him in my life.

    Now others in our family have been repeating her comments in agreement. I asked my husband if it was okay if I didn’t participate in the father/daughter dance at all because it has made me so uncomfortable to possibly hurt my dad or my stepdad’s feelings. He’s totally fine with it, but we discussed how it might be weird and obvious if I don’t participate and he does. I’m not sure what to do.

  11. He is 8. He can thrive whether there is one house or two, provided there is love and stability.

    There will be neither in a house where you are forcing yourself to take her back with nothing resolved. No resolution for your pain and many questions. No resolution for whatever shitty reasons she has for the bad choices she made.

    Where there is no consequences, there is very little way to learn hard lessons. You would never have found out from her naturally. She concealed this for a year smiling to your face and giving you shit no doubt when you annoyed her. In the back of her mind was the hypocrisy of her actions. Still, her image was more important than your feelings.

    Ask family to come and get your kid and give him a fun few days of holiday. Kick her back out and let her know any road back this time requires true contrition. Make sure she understands part of that is admitting to friends and family what she has done and take responsibility for it without blaming you for her bad actions. Then you will find out just how sorry she is…

    I suspect not very. Get a lawyer.

  12. How someone felt early in their relationship can be very different to the way someone feels before getting engaged.

    And, going from your last post, it’s a long distance male friend you’re talking about sleeping with.

    What matters is how he feels now about both of those things?

  13. this is a great idea. straight to the point with no room for him to make any excuses. and yes check for STDs !

  14. My coworkers yesterday seemed equally unconvince that a black eye like mine could have come from an accidental elbow, so maybe it's just a really naked story to believe. I just really hope that they don't think that my shiner was a result of some weird sex thing gone wrong (like someone had mentioned they likely would in my previous post). Do you think I should try to cover up my eye if we do dinner again? I had intended to wear an eyepatch this time but had no time after the hospital.

  15. The planet has more people than ever, we’ve populated enough.

    Kids are a lifelong commitment. It’s good to make sure you want to do that.

    Make sure you are on birth control you can control. Someone who thinks suicide is the outcome of being childless cannot be trusted with such things.

    And then decide if this relationship has reached it’s end.

  16. “Hey, BF, I'm getting tired of you talking about how pretty everyone else it. Think it or tell it to your male friends but I don't want to hear it anymore.”

  17. Kerb – kicked right over. Lonely? What a total cockwomble. Get rid and be happy you found out now cos he was gonna deny it until you proved it.

    Which is also cowardly.

  18. Look, you and one other person on this thread believe this is healthy behavior, go comment on every single one of their “observations”, tell them they need to go outside & meet people that aren’t on the internet.

    She literally says in the post he called her and “went off” on her THEN hung up on her and started texting her. It’s not been that long since I last dated, I’m familiar with many people older than me that carry out this insecurity over social media & I watch people of my age & younger go through the same thing.

  19. I think an “ultimatum” on a ring is what makes this most distasteful. I will say, you will be getting a free wedding and home if their word is true and as another comment says, I think it’s a nice bargain in exchange for buying her an expensive ring. But it should never be about how expensive it is, there’s love behind most wedding rings given. You just have to decide if this is okay with you, and know that in the future she may want to splurge on other items as well. She will continue to on-line her wealthy lifestyle, you have to decide if it’s achievable, affordable, and desirable for you. If neither of those three click, I think you should cut the reigns before you invest further, or have a true discussion on how she really feels about this and if she’s willing to actually lose you over the cost of the ring. If her answer is reassuring/satisfactory for you, I’d say make your choice to stay. But again, if you’re just not down with any of that I think you know what’s best. Good luck.

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