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Date: September 21, 2022

23 thoughts on “⭐️ https://onlyfans.com/saekokawai the hard online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. – “Personally if my wife watched porn a bit every day it would mean absolutely nothing to me. Unless we agreed it was a no no.”

    That's exactly the thing that I had to explain to someone else on reddit. They seemed angry at me and asked why I was being so controlling. In reality, when I told him my preference, he agreed without hesitation. He acted like he was happy to give it up so I was like ” sure let's do it”. I also want to act that he PREACHED how it would be cheating if I watched it. A lot of the time's when he asked if I was cheating, he would ask if I was looking at other men, finding them attracting, etc.

    My point with this post was that it was agreed on and he had similar expectations. However, when he was the one to break it, he acted like it would only be cheating if I was the one to do it.

  2. The only thing different about glucose monitors is you don’t have to prick your finger and put your blood in a meter to get your sugar level. It doesn’t do anything to control your diabetes. It just lets you know if you are too high, too low or normal without finger sticks. And CGM only counts to 400 so if you are higher than that, you still have to finger stick. I’m a Type 1, have a Dexcom on my stomach and still have to carry insulin and glucose tablets at all times. They are next to my bed because my blood sugar changes during the night. But I was still in the hospital twice this summer because of DKA. I am also a Brittle Diabetic so my blood sugar level goes up and down like a roller coaster and is impossible to control even though I see my endocrinologist every three months. So there is no magic machine to

  3. I think, if I had been able to understand what it meant and how hard it was on her, then yes.

    It’s been naked on both if us for different reasons, but I fear for her ability to be romantic again, and I would never want to take that from someone.

    If she’s aromantic and also asexual, then splitting makes sense because we can always be friends and there are just differences in how we view relationships fundamentally. If she’s not attracted to me than splitting makes sense because of attraction – both of us need something sexual in our lives but not one another.

    Right now, after all these years, we need to start over and decide what we want for ourselves and one another. Splitting may still be the answer, but I we need to go slow so we don’t risk the friendship.

  4. Since then I'm constantly overthinking that maybe I overreacted. Maybe I should've given her more time to slowly ease into how relationships work… maybe she brought her friend because she was too shy to tell me that herself…

    I think you overreacted, but you're allowed to have your feelings. You're much more experienced with relationships than she is, so her feeling things were going too fast could be understandable. And her bringing her friend – don't assume that she's afraid of you, but maybe she needed moral support?

    This situation comes down to a lack of communication. You both are young, so communicating with a partner may be difficult.

    If you really like her, give her a call, apologize, and maybe start over by having a long, honest talk about wants, needs and expectations.

    Take care. Go easy on her and on yourself.

  5. Something similar happened to me fairly recently. I decided to just accept that some friendships fade. It hurts, but she hasn’t reached out to me so I’m respecting her choices. I’m sorry this has happened to you.

  6. Call a divorce attorney tomorrow and get the ball rolling. He has abandoned you. He most likely had a job lined up somewhere. You need to let him go he sure let you go. I wouldn’t be worried about him he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. If he showed up tomorrow would you let him back in? If that’s a yes you need some therapy so you can move on with your life.

  7. Being with friends might be a good thing for you. Stop you thinking about this argument. Could he have done more to help. Most definitely Yes. Could you have communicated that better? Yes.

    Sit down in the next few days and have a calm conversation with him with no swearing or arguing. If it gets to that point, you need to tell him that you want to sort this out but you need to walk away to calm down and will discuss this again later.

    You want help with the household if getting ready for a party. He needs to learn to help too. What can the two of you do together, as a team, to help each other here in the future?

  8. Your friend is jealous of your boyfriend, and your bf probably has him asking himself if he should have made a “move” at some earlier point.

    Now that he didn't make “a move” isn't going to change the fact that he is now questioning if he should have. He is asking this question because your bf means that the relationship he had with you up until before your bf is changed.

    It is possible, for example, that your friend was using the friendship as a substitute for getting a proper gf, which might be something he is scared of doing (for whatever reason). Now he wouldn't necessarily have done this intentionally, human psychology is funny like that…

    Your friend cannot be a good friend whilst he is in this state of mind, because his jealousy will not allow it. Also don't assume your bf isn't in a dick measuring with your friend.

    As friends can get jealous of a new relationship, bf's can be jealous of an old one.

  9. Lose him – you deserve better than this. Taking you for burgers 3 months ago is his idea of trying?!? Oh, h*ll no- he’s just not willing to put any effort into the relationship.

  10. I work with the profoundly autistic population.

    This comes down to the two of you not being compatible, if the individuals in my facility can manage to be polite and kind, your girlfriend can too. Truly sounds like she’s using ASD as an excuse.

  11. Theresa has told me she doesn’t like Sarah and she doesn’t think we’re right for each other.

    Along with giving you gifts, being more friendly with you than any of the other guys etc… and now you're going on a trip with a couple and you and Theresa… AND you're not going to tell Sarah about it.

    In your head you may well be of a strong mind that you'll never cheat and this is just mates camping. Yet even if Sarah didn't have past issues of partners cheating, it still looks odd. Theresa isn't your long term matey buddy pal, she's someone who has and still consistently, shows interest… AND doesn't like your partner.

    You know she wants to fuck you, you accept the heart filled good morning texts, she's still giving you gifts and stuff. Even if you fully intend to be faithful, you're going on a camping trip as a foursome, that might as well be a couples double date, with someone you know full well really wants to fuck you.

    How is that supposed to look to Sarah?

  12. yes that could be the case for sure. It's his business…so he's not going anywhere. I feel for my sake. as it's taking up so much of my energy…to pull back. Clean up my own energy, focus on myself and just pop in when I need it. Like I used to. Thanks.

  13. Why would anyone think that someone who cheats (especially with your family member) is a good guy in the first place?

  14. im sorry ? i provide EVERYTHING for my children by myself . i pay all the bills i buy everything for them he does nothing for them so im confused at your response ?

  15. Sweetheart, I am so sorry. You didn't deserve any of this.

    While it might feel like you could never be vulnerable, this woman took advantage of you repeatedly. Your family can see that.

    They love you. Call then. Lean on them. Let them support you through this.

    Call the police. Report your stolen car. She stole it.

    I know you believe she would never hurt you on purpose, but she has honey. Calling the police is the right thing to do. You are in the most danger during a breakup, please protect yourself.

    Most of all, be kind to yourself. This isn't your fault. You never deserved to be hit. You never deserved to be cut off from your family. I'm sending you the biggest hug. ❤️

  16. Maybe she was a bit jealous of your interactions with her friends, and sure, you should have put more effort into your wife on this trip. None of that entitled her behavior. Honestly, it sounds like you were trying to be friendly with the friends, I don't see you hitting on anyone.

    She hit you, then cheated on you. I'd be done. This is not going to get better. She's going to either escalate the violence down the road, or go full blown cheating when her little feelings get hurt.

  17. She’s at least emotionally cheating and sharing a bed with another man. No way would I settle for this. If my husband wants to hang out with another woman for a few hours occasionally fine but absolutely not this.

  18. Sometimes it’s naked to see the forest for the trees when you’re the one lost inside it. There can be a lot of self doubt, sunk cost thinking, false hope, etc, that can keep a person from realizing just how bad the relationship is. Source- my entire goddamn 20s.

  19. You're partially right. I trust her, but I don't always trust her judgement because she throws caution to the wind, almost every time. I've seen a few instances of her being manipulated by friends and family into doing things she would have normally never agreed to do and that worries me. She doesn't survey the situation and recognize potential danger. Case in point: In Paris she paid no attention to the pickpockets. I kept watch while she took pics and enjoyed the city. Several times I caught pickpockets sizing her up but when they saw that I was watching, they moved on. She has a friendly personality and I don't doubt that if she'd been by herself she would have been victimized. I'm not concerned about her cheating at all, I'm concerned about her getting hurt or otherwise in a dangerous situation. If she wants to cheat, she will. There's nothing I can do about that. Like I said in my post, I trust her, but not strangers. I think it was pretty obvious that what the Captain did was inappropriate at best, the worst, only he knows.

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