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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Why would I resent my friend it happened before I even liked her, and the problem isn’t that she sexted a guy the problem is that it was my friend. It isn’t that any of them did anything wrong because they didn’t the issue is that it was my friend

  2. We hangout just as much as we used to but it’s the “vibe” when we’re together that has changed. We’ve been trying to get more together but it still doesn’t change

  3. Nah I won't try to get him in trouble, he gone keep his job, he just needa chill I don't go around showing people my vagina when I'm flirting ?

  4. Your BF is abusive. He has abused you, and he will do it again. Leave him and never look back. He is not sorry, he will not change, he will hit you again and the next time it will be your fault, and the time after that, and the time after that.

    Run, do not walk from this person. Block him and move on. This is only the beginning. It doesn’t matter if he says he loves you, nothing matters except that this man put his hands on you to punish you because he feels entitled to do so.

  5. But this isn't a amateur sleuthing sub where we try to crack whose real and whose not, but an anonymous sub for relationship advice. We don't know anybody here. People can post their own problems or even somebody elses problems. Some people might post years later on an issue that they have been thinking a lot about. The value is not in what any OP is or isn't, but in the responses and in the discussion.

    OP might be genuine or not, with or without an active problem. It's possible they listen to advice and change their mind; had their mind already set up before posting and “changing” their mind; or just pretending to change their mind to get the approval of a reddit community. Again, impossible to say.

  6. Despite the results I would suggest divorce. She is giving you bullsh!t excuses and you are as well which is beyond me. No amount of therapy is gonna make you happy. Resentment will build and you will try and bottle it till it explodes. This will be in the back of your mind as long as you are with her. Right now get that test and then fight for your daughter. I know the system favors women but there is always a chance you can come out on top since she cheated. I wish you the best of luck.

  7. Honestly sound like my mom. It’s like that book ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’.

    “Oh, I’ll go to the post office while I’m in town. Well, there’s a store near the post office and I need X item, might as well get it while I’m there. You know, so-and-so lives near that store, I should drop off that thing they wanted…-“

    Then it’s 3 hours later before they get to the place they were supposed to be.

  8. He’s just insecure. And he’s crying and “doesn’t know” why he feels that way because he’s insecure about being insecure. Does he like actually try to make it about you in bed? Or is he just hoping his back and forth penetration is magically going to provide you with a mind blowing orgasm? I don’t think I could ever sit and console a man who cried because I previously orgasmed in my life. What a strange dynamic.

  9. I hear well so is doing the dishes and washing laundry, but they still have to be done. Some people hire housekeepers.

  10. Bah please. There are sports and hobbies where it is not feasible or possible to have separate isolated locker rooms for the sexes and its never a big deal. When people focus on a team sport (or dance/theater/etc) they are concentrating on their own performance and on the team: there is no time for flirting or even stripping clothes in a sexual way.

    Think the worst sweaty locker room ever that is never washed, full of sweaty ppl in gear. They talk about the game and try to make room to remove their gear and in the worst case switch a t-shirt.

    There is no nudity, no erotics, no flirting.

  11. Imo Unfortunately you getting into a relationship for the wrong reasons but I understand the scared o f wing alone not everyone can best their inner demon but hey I wish you the best but please don’t let her walk all over you and don’t ever beg to another human being again that’s pathetic have more self respect for yourself, and understand that if you have to beg someone to be with you then you shouldn’t be with them because neither of you are in the relationship for each other and it will only end bad. Being alone isn’t bad it’s only bad if you isolate yourself from the world and don’t go out and experience I been in 1 relationships my guy and I am 20 years old being alone sucks but it only sucks if you don’t find out who you really are. Online life to the fullest and happiest is what I live by and imo everyone should online by this as well ( as long as your not hurting or affecting other peoples life’s)

  12. What do I do?

    Don't get in a relationship where the main traits of a person irritates, you and don't expect those traits to just magically disappear just because you get married Have a discussion where things do not move on until he starts answering questions He gets on medication or he starts seeing someone to get his depression under control Stop enabling it

    What did I do wrong?

    Well starters you married someone that a main part of them irritates you and is now after regretting your own choices trying to find out ways to change someone, cuz it turns out you can't on-line with this.

    If you want things to change, stop enabling it (I really suggest just breaking up because you are trying to change something that has always been there) start setting some boundaries that You can't on-line like this and that things need to change cuz you are at the end of your rope (You should have just never gotten in a relationship or even married this man). He needs to stop using his depression as an excuse for not putting effort in this relationship and if it's this bad he needs to get it under control and start on medication or start seeing someone.

    You need to stop fearing an argument, You need to communicate the issues that are going on and ask him why he thinks using depression to not do things you don't want to do. It's a good way to keep a relationship alive. And he needs to answer those questions. Communication is just not you expressing your issues and him just agreeing. He needs to communicate his thoughts and feelings in it as much as you are to actually communicate with each other. Cuz if he doesn't communicate whatsoever, you're really just communicating with yourself.

  13. You were there, she brought you stuff, and she basically just followed you in? What on earth is the big deal? Y'all need to get over yourselves a little bit. The way you wrote the title makes it sound like she just came over unannounced and barged in when no one knew she was there. Y'all are being petty as hell, grow up.

  14. I'm not sure how to make that happen. My family is very small, and unless my uncle tells her, I don't think she'd find out unless she went looking live! for an obituary.

  15. Don’t fight about hypotheticals. If you’re going to be upset, be upset that you’re dating a dummy.

  16. As someone who was in your position, I would tell you that you will regret not picking the school of your choice.

    I went to an in-state college to stay with my boyfriend and we broke up two months after our first semester ended. We’d been together since our sophomore year. I gave up a full-ride to an out-of-state school because I wanted to stay with my boyfriend.

    Some couples your age stay together and go the distance, but most don’t. College may have you wondering what else is out there! I’m not saying you should break up, but you should pick YOU. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret for a relationship that doesn’t last. Good luck!!

  17. Of course she was sweet to your daughter in the beginning! Now that you married her & have bio children together this is how she’s always felt about your daughter. Now you have three children with your daughters bully! ?

  18. 100% blow his BS sky high. Tell her. Even approach it with “I’m so sorry your boyfriend is doing this to you while you are fighting for your life – I want you to have the opportunity to make the absolute BEST of and enjoy the time you have left and not be sitting there while your man is cheating on you! You deserve so much more!” Then if she comes back like “I’m sorry – fighting for my life?” You not only outed his cheating, but his even MORE sick lies as well.

  19. Tell her the truth, you we’re having dental work that you may have been over anxious about and it was a in-and-out visit. “I’m so sorry, I hope you can understand, next visit I’ll make sure we set some time together”.

    She should understand, who wants to “chat” after a mouth is all numbed up.


  20. If your bf has stopped talking with his ex voluntarily, it seems obvious that your bf has grown tired of the drama. Why haven’t you blocked the ex?

    The ex clearly has a lot going on in terms of still being interested in your bf when it’s not reciprocated. The very best thing to do is to block the ex, remove them from any SM, and ask your bf to do the same (if he hasn’t done so already). The thing is, you cannot control the actions of others, but you can control how you respond.

    Sit down with your bf and have a heart to heart conversation about this situation. “BF, I need to tell you that your ex’s behaviors and comments have affected me negatively. I know you can’t control them, and it’s in no way your fault that I feel this way. However, their continued contact and presence in our lives is becoming harmful to me and to our relationship. I would never ask you to remove a friend from your life, but it’s clear to me that ex is less of a friend and more of a former partner who still believes they can have a relationship with you. I am hurt and sad and angry that this person is so very negative towards me. I ask that you think about us and our relationship and our future in terms of limiting contact with ex. I cannot see a future where they are in my life.”

    You need to be prepared to break up if your bf is willing to let his ex still be a large part of his life.

  21. Men don’t expect this boys do. You absolutely shouldn’t have to take care of him for doing something nice. That’s not a relationship

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