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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. There was another reddit story where the husband pressured the wife into getting pregnant and it gave her so much anxiety that it wound up killing her and now the husband sees his regrets every time he looks at his child. He knows if he wouldn't have pressured her, she would've still been happy and alive. There are several other stories of situations where one person pressured the other into having kids and now they hate each other and the kids for it, just glance through reddit a bit and I'm sure you'll find some of these stories

  2. Clearly she thought that was just between you and her, and you didn't. You two need to figure out what is and isn't private in future.

  3. It took me longer than it should have, but eventually I recognized that keeping my parents in my life was not the right move. It personally bothered me to lend credibility to people that supported awful things and just generally made me sad to see what they've become.

    You're young and maybe my strategy isn't best for you right now. However, it's probably a good time for you to take a step back and get some distance from your mom and see how you want to proceed. Know that complete separation is an option and keep it on the table, because you don't know just how bad it will get. My guess is you haven't seen the worst yet.

  4. I’ve pushed everyone away out of fear my whole life. When someone finally sees through you, gets you, and loves you enough to stay no matter your baggage, that changes your life.

    If that’s how he meant it, imo it’s a huge compliment and a wonderful thing.

  5. The post was deleted because the account got shadow banned. I've linked a screen shot right here.

    Because right now I'm still sat in a parked car devastated and I don't yet know how to tell people in RL that my life has fallen apart, so I've reached out here to find some people to talk to while I decide how tf I tell people what's happened.

    Maybe it is silly but my inbox is inundated with messages that may not be making this all go away, but are certainly making me smile while I read them.

  6. I would bring it up by saying you think there was a fraudulent charge on your account because someone spent $350 at D&G and watch him squirm. :3

  7. Because she wouldn’t be able to move on and you definitely wouldn’t be moving on. Most people can’t move on and have a new functional healthy relationship if they’re still in regular contact with someone they love and were once in love with.

  8. Dont get married.

    Very rare for these military marriages of two teens/very young people to not end (and end quickly) in divorce.

  9. If you actually want to remain married, ask for marriage counseling ASAP, and take it seriously.

    When you say “talk to me about X before Friday or I will divorce you” … That usually communicates that you want a divorce.

  10. So, let me get this straight lol. You treated your last gf terribly, you CHEATED on her with your current gf, and now you're confused as to why your new gf wants you to block her??

    Your new gf knows that you're a fucking cheater. She's probably paranoid that you're going to cheat on HER since you did it to your ex. Of COURSE she's going to want you to not talk to your ex

    If you can't fucking respect boundaries after you've done painful ass shit to people, you need to not be in a relationship. Furthermore, stop monkey branching from one person to a new relationship. You're almost fuckin 40, and it's scummy. Grow up.

  11. And you belief in millions of different genders is soley based on feelings, which means

    That belief is based on absolutely nothing.

  12. No. A day and a half. I've been trying to work this out myself for 11 months. She still swears she wasn't gonna do anything and I don't know if I can believe it. I'm not perfect either so I have forgiven her but I just. Need honesty

  13. Pain is entirely subjective. You're saying a small metal rod going into a uterus is worse than an entire baby coming out?

  14. Well either something happened and she's keeping in touch with her holiday fling or something didn't happen and he's either being inappropriate and she doesn't want to lose the “friendship” by letting you know as he lives in Jamaica so in her mind isn't a threat, or they both are and she doesn't want you to see that she's reciprocating

  15. Even if she were single, that's a messed up thing to do to people. Even getting matched with someone who doesn't actually want to talk to me is painful, and that could just be an accidental swipe or someone changing their mind. She wants to purposely make as many men as possible feel that way. Even if she has no intention of cheating, that is a huge red flag about who she is

  16. Ok, it is not an impulsive move, and y'all sound have nothing in common with no chanel of communication what so ever, your break up was a long time, belive me it for the best of both of you. You saved yourselves a bigger hassle, heartaches, divorce lawyers fees. But genuine question, how is porn an out let for one's sexual urges, I mean it turns you on but it is not a relief.

  17. He is going to go have sex with South American women and don’t want you around or on his mind. Might as well break up with him as he already has plans to cheat. The break up is to have a clear conscience about what he is doing

  18. People love spoiling the bride when it comes to weddings. I’ve had people at work offer to help me plan and set up, do my makeup day-of for free, get gifts even though they aren’t invited to the wedding. I didn’t realize what a big deal it was to some people when others get married, but it really warmed my heart when people jumped at the opportunity to show me that they care.

  19. That's my fantasy too. I guess I read too many BL manga. Imagine the title, “My bestfriend's boyfriend”!

    Forbidden love vs friendship!

  20. I just don’t get why i have to like her to be with her. sex is good…. she feels like such a bother sometimes

  21. It kind of sounds like what you're calling flirting is you putting on an act and not really being yourself. Is that a fair assessment?

  22. More so because she implied I should also use the women or get advice or go to one of her clinics…etc. and that’s she’s pretty vocal about how great she is in front of me. Just seems a little like I’m getting put down.

    It’s also just odd because from a trainers point of view (which I understand is very hot to understand) if other people see her using someone else or bragging about someone else it can make them wonder about my own abilities. Which again I wouldn’t care in the least If I think if I didn’t feel like I was first disparaged by her.

    I truly think she idolizes this lady which i think is great in a way as far as finding someone to look up to or learn from. But putting me down kind of hurt.

    Again I’m probably just being butt hurt. Just rant and expressing emotions I guess on Reddit

  23. She love attention and just want you to feel bad she want you to beg her to get together again and then refuse just so she can feel better and boost her ego,don’t fell for it!

  24. First, talk to your doctor about the birth control you're on. They don't all have the same side effects. But you obviously can't poke out your partner's eyes just because you feel insecure. He does and will see other women, both digitally and in person. Half the global population is female and you can't force someone to blank half of humanity. The goal here shouldn't be to make him stop looking. It should be for you to get your situation under control so you don't allow your insecurities to destroy this relationship. He's not going to leave you for this fitness influencer, but he might leave you if you can't shut up about it.

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