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  1. He’s clearly lying. Entire story is suspicious. Wake up. You seem to be defending him in the comments but everyone else can clearly see he is shady.

  2. Well, that “feeling” you have is a good thing. Cause you really don't have a teammate any longer. That dude she had her arms wrapped around his neck on insta? That's her new teammate. You don't know it yet cause you don't have smoking gun evidence. But I'm sure you at least suspect. I'm sorry bro. I'd advise you stop beating around the bush and get to the bottom of this. You are only prolonging the inevitable. For whatever reason, she has made some horrible decisions and deeply disrespected your relationship. Its the worst feeling in the world. Time to rip the band aid off. Time to own 2023. You got this.

  3. If he takes you seriously, naturally he will just talk to her less and less. If she moved there’s no reason to continue talking apart from the occasional catch up every several months but even that would die down as they go their separate ways. I think you handled it well for now but if you see that they’re talking daily, there might be an issue and it’s worth bringing up again.

  4. Well she’s not respecting you then. I’m not saying she has to cut all guys out, but if the ones chasing her are making you uncomfortable then why wouldn’t she ??‍♀️

  5. Often change is needed by BOTH for it to work. And drunk calls, that doesn’t bode well. She should call and share concerns directly, not wait until she has liquid courage to discuss things with you. Probably best to just move on.

  6. A couple of things here:

    He doesn’t own this woman. His assertion that you “should have asked him” needs to be squashed immediately. Sounds like you’re the friend to do it, but be forewarned that he likely won’t see you as a friend much longer. Based on how you’ve described him I’d say you’re dodging a bullet anyhow.

    Be careful. There’s a lot of promiscuity happening here and these gray areas are where sexual harassment and assault issues come into play. Your life is more valuable than ending up accused of a sexual crime. Alcohol makes it worse. Protect yourself and your future over moments of lust.

    Don’t shit where you eat, man. If you want or need FWB or hookups, go to a bar. Don’t pull them from your friend group.

  7. Go and get hammered with that guy ´ s ex-GF. Post a picture, grab a popcorn and watch your girl melt down. Then say “oh we are just friends having fun together”.

  8. As long you don’t intervene and let nature run it’s course it will develop into a human. It’s the exact same reason why people who assault pregnant women and cause a miscarriage are charged with manslaughter rat

  9. They’re her friends, their loyalty is with your ex gf whom you broke up with. Time to focus on your mental health & well being & move on.

  10. He should also want to maintain a relationship with you though. Seems like he needs to learn to balance things.

    Try talking to him again about this. If you see this relationship going long term you and him need to sit down and talk things through.

  11. This was my thought as well. My extended friend group is 95% LBGT in some form, has been for over 10 years. I’m a bi woman and I’ve noticed a specific trend where some gay men somehow get exempted from being called out for being controlling/misogynistic towards their woman friends. Like, “oh they don’t want to sleep with them, so they can treat them any kind of way”. Yikes.

    I don’t fuck with that, and all my current gay guy friends are respectful of women. OP should be more wary, imo!

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