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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. He said it first, then I told him when I was crying and when he asked why and if I wanted to talk about it. I said no because I was quite mad he even made the accusation.

  2. As long as she doesn't have to read my text messages, then we are even. The minute you say… but your girlfriend has a right to look through your phone makes this unfair.

  3. The only value ever in asking for advice is to act on that advice. You are stuck in some sort of a rut. You are in an abusive relationship and there's no excuse for that. You're old enough now to get over this. Be your own person for a while. Maybe don't have a boyfriend; come and go as you wish. This whole caveman “I'm your man obey me” attitude of this current boyfriend of yours really shows that you've got some self-esteem issues that you need to work on before you're in any kind of relationship.

  4. . He said “you’re brilliant and accomplished, but you’re not happy.”

    Time to remove the cause of that unhappiness, then. OP is already a single mother , as DH thinks all chores and parenting are a woman's job.

  5. You mean like he wanted you to get a job in your field before he proposed? Yeah, this is going to end the same way. First of all, it could be many years before he makes partner and when he does he will find another excuse. He doesn't want to get married so stop lying to yourself and either accept you're not going to get married or end it.

  6. What I read is “he’s a good guy but sometimes he does stuff which probes he isn’t a good guy.”

    A man who verbally/emotionally abuses you isn’t a nice guy.

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