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  1. I am apalled by all the comments whose advise is to say “no.” The girlfriend deserves to know if her boyfriend is a cheater. To all people who say it is to keep the peace, who are you protecting? Because if the girlfriend finds out now she can still decide with that information whether she wants to stay with a cheater in the long run or not. The OP has every right to expose him, regardless if the boyfriend gets mad.

  2. I can’t fucking stand men. Seriously to ruin someone’s life like that how selfish can you fucking be… I’m SO SORRY I just can’t fuckin believe this is reality for so many women it’s seriously such a sick joke to be treated like that. Nothing more painful

  3. I used to be a huge stoner so I don’t agree with his boundary, but some people do see weed as bad as other drugs and prostitution.

    I don’t, but apparently this guy makes that boundary. His choice.

    Okay what if it wasn’t a prostitute. Just a friend. Doesn’t even need to be a woman. Would you be okay with your SO having with someone else?

  4. Some way some how . Come on you had one bad experience from shoving something for a length I'm sure longer then you ever have and it's a medicale issue . Do daily exercises with your jaw . Lol I couldn't handle that especially when it's something I really enjoy . Good luck with that . If you can receive without giving hats off to u chick .

  5. Those weren’t reasons beyond that he doesn’t want to. It’s that simple and it’s not changing. Sorry. 😞

  6. It is easy just break it off bro she has no issue lying to you and breaking your trust without trust ther is no relationship your not in love with her your in love with the false version she created

  7. I would tell the man you intend to marry – he will understand why you waited. When I told my husband about my past experience we were just dating but I knew we would be getting married one day. I just told him I had something to tell him and he took it so supportively and understandingly. He knew why I chose what I chose and he supports me. I’m now pregnant with my first child and we are so excited. You did the right thing. It’s totally fine to keep this info to yourself until you’re certain it’s being told to someone who would never ever under any circumstance use it against you.

  8. Congratz OP you found yourself a manchild.

    Seriously you should dump him… You are still young to be supporting a 40 year old who is only burden to you and is taking advantage of you.

  9. I have always promoted therapy and there was a time when he did speak to a therapist while I was sick and he does have a plan to meet with a nutritionist. He says he doesn't need to see a therapist every time I bring it up he brushes me off. I don't really want to bail on the marriage I just think we're heading in very different directions now. I am very content with my progress and I believe that my goals are reasonable and I don't feel rushed with anything I want right now. In comparison I think he views life through an overoptimistic lens and he wants to reach his check points in an unreasonable amount of time, maybe it's due to our age difference but I don't know if we're healthy for each other anymore.

  10. Is there really no saving this then move out? Maybe talk to her? Really deep talk about how it makes you feel and maybe if you don’t see any changes then start looking for other places to move out.

  11. Hi, appreciate your input. Can you explain why we are incompatible? Asking because I'd like to get this chance to at least know more about what specific issues we had that we can't see.

  12. This is what women don’t get about sexually inexperienced men: there’s a power in teaching them about lovemaking.

    You leave an imprint on a guy that he will never forget.

  13. I unfortunately know too many. This one dude (at the time 22) was on his second marriage and second child, 2 baby mamas. We’re all young and it’s important to not rush into things like this

  14. let’s not forget the fact that he was flirting and inviting you over when you were dating his friend.

    I don't want to justify any of his actions, but I'm pretty sure he assumed I was single since I don't think either of us told him we were dating. But yeah, I know for a fact that he doesn't care if someone is in a relationship or not anyways.

    There’s no way he “accidentally” put in the wrong age. That’s a really hot typo to make when the numbers are across the keyboard and have different number of keys between them.

    YES exactly!!! That's what I'm saying!!!! It's literally the dumbest “accident”!!!!!

    He didn’t lie to you about his age cause your bf knew his age, guarantee he would’ve lied had he the chance.

    Oh shit. I actually never thought about this. Damn, you're probably right.

    Thank you for the comment, definitely got me thinking.

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