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Date: September 21, 2022

11 thoughts on “Adalline

  1. I would have left for home already but I need to have the next 5-10 years of my life planned out satisfactory to my parents liking before I could be welcomed back by both parents. If I did go back, I would be asked and pressured to make life long plans for things I had no answers to. I could on-line with my parents for maybe 3 months, max, until everything was too much to bear. Even when I work and save, that wouldn't be enough for my family.

    I hadn't thought about the trapping part. However, that is something I now acknowledge and need to look out for. Push comes to shove and I have money saved up, I can move out with a friend untill I find another job but that will not be for another 6 months

  2. Info: what caused you to be hospitalized for 5 days? Appendix? Kidney? As a few people have said I think it depends on the serious me of your reason to br hospitalized.

    Also I'm sure he did have stuff to do at home. Maybe dishes, or picking up the house so you could come home and be relaxed and comfortable.

  3. Feeling angry is completely understandable, I never denied that. But responding to violence with violence is not.

    By both accounts, innocent people are being slaughtered and in turn, it's not getting you anywhere. Both sides need to direct their anger at the people who want you divided. Who convinced you that your anger is wrong. The people who are denying true justice to the innocent people being murdered.

    Brother I sympathise with your anger. Believe me, I feel it too. Violence is not the cure though.

  4. She seriously needs to reevaluate her stance on this. She’s being incredibly rude and uncaring towards someone who is doing an epic favor. Taking care of someone else’s kids—even if you like them—is big deal.

  5. I'm 41m and I think this stems from guys having a harder time making friends and building a social circle. It took me quite a while to build a good friend group and now I don't bother my wife with these things as I have other people to talk about this kind of stuff with.

    For a lot of guys, their wife/girlfriend is their only emotional outlet and they get stuck with the burden of this situation.

  6. I think you two should slow down in the sex department. There is clearly some trauma surrounding it that he hasn’t shared with you and his psyche could be getting more damaged between each sexual act. It may be nothing if you resume course as you are but then again, it could be something. I feel like you two should have some honest dialogue at the very least if you are to resume. This isn’t something that can be brushed off under the rouse of “it’s fine”.

  7. Seriously. This is something that 12 year olds would burn bridges over. Not even Taylor Swifts songs are this petty.

  8. Yeah, you don’t move in with a guy after a couple of days.

    You were only with him a month, and things were already going wrong. I can’t tell if you were pg after taking Plan B & had to deal with an abortion on your own or if you took Plan B the morning after. I’m not sure where the pregnancy test came in.

    Anyway, he told you he’s not ready for a relationship after your brief romance. Believe him. Everything that’s happened since the first week or two of your relationship indicates that he’s not a good partner.

    Blocking him was the right thing to do.

    Listening to your feelings is fine, but you also have to think about what you’re doing. Jumping in with reckless abandon will usually end badly. You know this, so stop ignoring it.

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