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  1. I never said porn?? I said there are women who don’t allow their partners to masturbation??? Are you just choosing to believe that because you don’t know woman like that, that they don’t exist?

  2. If your parents offered to pay her way already, asking her to pay is a deeply AH move by them.

    That said, if your parents say, “it’s more expensive than we expected and we can’t really afford it”, you have a couple of options.

    1) find some cheaper hotels. Hotel prices in Orlando are (typically) linearly dependent on the distance from Disney/Kissimee and the old town city center. Find a place further out, particularly to the west or south of Kissimee.

    2) tell them that they need to have the conversation with your GF, and they cannot expect you to broker a change in their agreement with her. (Make sure to give your GF a heads up).

    3) start saving up to cover some of her hotel expenses yourself and negotiate with your parents on what they can cover.

    Basically, regardless of your suspicions, it’s always best to treat the first time someone flakes as a one-time thing and accept their reasons. Second, third, and later times, when there is a pattern, you can confront and manage their behavioral failures.

  3. You should’ve doubled up and insisted that you would have a gay blowjob instead. Maybe your girlfriend would have been more okay with it.

  4. You are absolutely moving too fast. You're only 22 and trying to tie yourself this older man in only 6months. Take your time before he runs.

  5. Read book about infidelity’s and trust in relationships, take steps dictated in the books. Take your wife out on more dates. Make more time for her. Pick up more chores around the house. Start therapy, individually and marriage. No more lies.

  6. He acknowledged that it might be a better idea if his mom got other tenants and he got his own 1 bedroom. He said I was right where it makes more sense, and said he’s going to consider all his options over the next week as nothing is set in stone yet. But he did fully validate me, wasn’t angry about it.

    But then he also said that this is a really nice area, great amenities, and that we should be “working together as a partnership.” To make this work as it’s a really nice environment for me, and it would get me out of my parents house, etc. I feel that was manipulative of him to say. And then I told him that the environment doesn’t matter to me that much, I feel fulfilled right now just living with my parents. And then he said something along the lines of that the reason why men make more money is because they are always trying to elevate in life, and then went on something about testosterone levels and how women lack that.

    I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but my gut is telling me something else.

  7. Seriously. And WTF is a “city temper”? I grew up in a very large city known for having shit traffic and not once have I gotten out or attempted to because someone made a dick move. She has anger issues.

  8. I fully agree that his wife treated him badly – but there were information lacking (showed up in comments later) – and the point still stands – you can not change others – you can only decide on your own behaviour.

    I still think that he need to get rid of the BIL. He should not move out. Maybe check his legal status getting the BIL kicked out . He should not move himself.

    Well the point was just – I agree with you. She is behaving badly.

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