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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Unless he was smearing it all over the bed in his sleep, that makes no sense. Also, doesn't he wear pajamas/sweats/something to sleep in? It's winter.

  2. What a Hell of a nice guy to tell you that… next time tell him that his junk is not as big as you thought it was and wish it was bigger.

  3. If u want to save your relationship you need to be 100% honest cut off this new girl no explanation needed. And tell your girlfriend the truth the entire truth and let HER decide if she what's to be with u. After all its not fair that you have all this information and u get to decide if you blow up your relationship or stay, it should be her choice your the one that's cheating. Not telling her is lying, its being unfair.

  4. How is not talking to your partner for weeks the mature thing to do? The mature thing is to talk with them and work together to get past an issue because your suppose to be a team, not run and hide away from the person your commited to because your ego is hurt. Thats not mature at all.

    Asking for space is fine when upset, going no contact for weeks without communication and having no end in sight of this “space” is not fine.

    Dont worry about my relationship, be going strong for over 10 years with my wife without any of this immature bullshit that ops gf is pulling. Also good try their projecting about yelling, i got no need to yell in my life i can get my points across by you know actually talking to my wife.

  5. Imagine being mad about HOW you bf shuts someone down and not happy that he respects your relationship and is loyal to you.

  6. This has nothing to do with whether your uncle’s behavior is acceptable. He is who he is. You cannot control other people and it isn’t your duty to fix him. You can only control yourself and your response. If he is doing something illegal then call police or relevant authorities. Why would you confront a violent person on your own?

  7. I mean, that's the problem though. I'm white, my partner is filipina. Her family has been incredibly and openly racist to me over my stay in the PH, to the point where I actively choose to not be around most of them.

    They won't hear anything coming from me, my concern is that both me and my partner know exactly the kinds of things that they're going to say, because it's the same that they've been saying for years. I just don't think we should allow them to have their opinions taken into account for our discussion, but she's worried that they'll disown her if she doesn't let them take control.

  8. Never submit to anyone. You’re an adult, you should be equal with your partner. A decent man won’t try to put you beneath him.

  9. I would get a therapist asap if you don’t have one already, and If you do want to try to make things work with your wife you will need to do couples therapy as well. She def fucked up and broke your trust in a huge way.

  10. People don’t normally conjure up fake scenarios in our mind to obsess over. We don’t make up things that’s blatantly hurt us. Most people don’t do that. It’s real shit that’s hurting us and we’re not making it up. It’s the other person trying to hide from what they’re doing telling you you’re making it up but it isn’t true. Please know it’s not true. What you see usually is real unless it’s without context but you’re in a full on relationship with this person you have context.

  11. Pets are family…they our fur babies….you can't just ask your girlfriend to get rid of them. That's not right. Find a solution to your problem. You need to move out in a few months and you both make 60,000 a year. That's decent money for a decent place. Prioritize things. A roof over your head and food should be number one…car…phone…what other bills do you have? That you can't get a decent place? I actually have the same problem…have to move in a few months and got a lot of pets. I'm looking now for a place that allows dogs. It's easier to hide a cat than a dog. I may have to find a more expensive apartment and figure out my finances. I suggest you do the same.

  12. Nah dude you were kind of a dick. Like many have said next time just have some common courtesy. You should apologize to your wife for how you acted. Sincerely apologize. Then tell her that maybe you guys should give each other a heads up if you have company over so it doesn’t catch you by surprise next time

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