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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Oh holy hell do we have the same mom? Mine lives in assisted living now but has such terrible anxiety that she just freaks over nothing. You have to set really firm boundaries. For example my mom calls me over and over again throughout the day – sometimes one minute apart even! I told her if she does that I will not answer or call her back that day. No deviations on my part and she has really learned to curtail her behavior. If she stays at my house it can only be for 2 days because she follows me, my husband, my daughter around (in that order) and will not give us any privacy or bring anything for herself to do. My son is smart and hides in his room lol. She gets no more than two days and no amount of whining or moping changes the rules. I also am having her evaluated for dementia (for what it is worth).

    You need to put yourself and your needs first. It is hot not to feel guilty about setting boundaries but you have to do it for your own mental health. It gets easier once they figure out you are serious.

  2. It's only been a couple of weeks since Thanksgiving. There's no way she would get a positive on a pregnancy test. So either she was already pregnant, she's lying, or this is fake.

  3. Man, fuck that. You may know you pissed him off, but the 2nd part to that got me… so listen closely.

    At no point in fucking time….past present or future… nobody is to ever tell you that you're a shitty ANYTHING!! That's fucking bullshit, and uncalled for.

  4. Your request is so unreasonable, that it makes me think that this is a troll post. The poor guy cant watch 90% of the movies that come out.

  5. Second one is the best. First will be a little dramatic and can backfire.

    Absolutely remind her you are in a marriage. That wasn't some nice party you had a few years ago. It formed an obligation for you both. You owe each other more.

  6. Sounds like she is trying to baby trap you or just wanted a kid? What were the circumstances this happened? Was she on birth control or did you guys use condoms?

  7. I’d recommend talking to your therapist about this. I’d also recommend asking your psychiatrist about what kind of therapy would be best for someone with your diagnosis. I have BPD so CBT isn’t the best option for dealing with it DBT is. I haven’t started yet just due to scheduling issues, but you may not be getting the best care for your diagnosis and that could potentially be leading you to have worsened symptoms. I would also recommend that you find a support group or accountability partner to help with your alcoholism. Using a depressant isn’t going to help your depression and I hope you can find some help with recovery.

  8. It's not.

    If these women Flirt with her bf, and openly disrespect her, then her boyfriend should put an end to this.

    It's not like op is insecure about the bf being nice to other women.

    It's like befriending someone that constantly shit talks your partner.

  9. Break up with him, he did you a favor by letting you know early on that he cares about sex more than you. For a lot of guys sex is the #1 most cared about thing in their life because they're hollow inside from getring their dick skin ripped off and then told they have to be horny and emotionless to be a man

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