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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Stop vixtimzing your self, he probably carried you out cause you refused to leave his property. You literally got knocked up by his friend behind his back. You haven't changed at all

  2. I didn’t really want to respond back to this message because of the negative tone, but I will tell you a little more of our back story. I had a place of my own. I was in a great place in my life. We had a condo 4 years ago. But because of my husband loosing his job and sitting on his ass for two years, jobless. We’re very behind. Add covid and me being pregnant to the mix which made things even worse. He just recently went back to a full-time job. It’s been about two months. He was taking odd jobs before that. He needs therapy but he will never go.

    Him and his parents brought a rental property and put it up as an Airbnb. It ran nicely over the summer but now we’re just paying a mortgage and other costs. Stupid decision, but no one listens to me. Also, just because his parents watch my daughter doesn’t mean they’re great people. You don’t know half of what I have to go through with them. They throw my belongings away and throw my food away if they ever get a “bad vibe” from anything. They’re psycho. Their older son disowned them because they’re CRAZY. And now we have to stay here because of our financial situation, but they will do anything to keep their son from moving away from them. I’m south Asian and in our cultures I don’t know why the parents don’t cut the umbilical cord. They will do ANYTHING to have their son online with them. Even if that means making us get into arguments over stupid shit. I don’t care to live with them. I don’t care to raise my daughter in their toxic environment. They treat me differently when I speak because they’re backwards af. But my husband fails to see all of this because it’s easy for him to just tell them off. His parents worship him. He can say ANYTHING to them and they will still bend over backwards for him. Because they have nobody else left in their life.

    That’s just a little back story. There are way more stories but it’s just too much to type here. I’m not moaning about everything and everyone. I’m just stuck. I feel like I’m living with a roommate and some days I feel like a prisoner. You won’t understand unless you went through it. I’ve made some mistakes but I had my shit straight until covid and becoming a mother. I still have a permanent and full-time job. I can work anywhere in the world because of my occupation. I’m more educated than the people I live! with which is just unfortunate. I wish I was smarter with my decisions but I guess I didn’t have enough life experience.

  3. Oh yeah. Just trying to find housing closer to my family so that I do t have to worry about running into him in public.

  4. He DEFINITELY recognizes how his words are affecting you. He is intentionally beating you down to make you feel worthless so you won't have the confidence to leave him.

  5. Ok here is what I learned from reading about open relationship 1) she's already cheating and she wants a cover, or a reason to make it ok. 2) she already has the hots for someone, and she want to get your blessings to sleep with them 3) the person who suggested it in most cases is the person wjo ends up regretting it. If she is into this stuff and you are not it is perfectly ok to say no, you have your own sexual preference and you are not into the life style, divorce won't mess up your kids more than a having a father who feels defeated and has no word in the relationship(it will eventually show on you), there is a huge risk they will get messed up from the open relationship, she is putting you in a risk of STDs, fathering children that aren't biologically yours(a condom doesn't work 100% of the rime and it might break.) You want to make her happy, and you are saying it's gonna happen anyway by cheating (shows how little you trust her)

    Listen stranger, you came here asking for advice so here is what I got:stand up for yourself, stay dignified, don't make sh!t excuses about the economy being bad, or your children growning messed up to stay in a relationship that is eventually going to do everything you are worried about happening because of divorce, cut your losses and stand your ground, don't let her bully you into this.

  6. I’m happy that you are taking this route. I read your first post but never commented. I lost my fiancé a few months ago so I understand your grief. I can’t imagine having someone say something like this to me (whether true or not.) Those feelings on top of grieving would be totally unbearable I feel. I’m glad you got some reassurance from people who are close to the both of you.

    Do yourself a favor and cut this cousin out of your life. For good. Life is too short to have to deal with such toxic people.

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