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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. So now you know it’s not going to change and he’s not motivated. What are you going to do?

    No point being just sad about it.

    Time to decide if you can keep accepting it.

  2. All of these strange behaviors and passive aggressive remarks ARE indications! He’s showing you now he’s into you and doesn’t respect your relationship and he’s also being disrespectful of your boundaries with sharing a room.

  3. I think some guys gloss over the fact that they were female friends. If this wouldn't be pk with 2 male friends then it isn't ok with 2 female friends.

    I had an ex cheat on me and my rationale was, oh its just a guy, he'd never leave me for a guy. And while he didn't, I never fully got past it and couldn't trust the same way. Whereas if it had been a chick, I would have felt way differently from the get go.

  4. The issue here is this is her time to air her grievances, not your time to make a defense and call what she is saying untrue. To her it is very true. And you aren’t listening. You’re disagreeing immediately. This is not listening. You response should be more along the lines of “I understand what you are saying and I am sorry I made you feel that way. How can we remedy this in the future?” You aren’t particularly agreeing but you are acknowledging her feelings and attempting to find a remedy to this issue. Not just telling her it isn’t am issue when clearly she thinks it is.

    This is not the time to air your own grievances. You need to have a separate conversation where you do that. Not overriding how she feels and telling her what her own reality is.

  5. It sounds like you having autonomy is a dealbreaker for him. I think you should take a step back and decide what is acceptable and not acceptable for you in a relationship.

    Is his treatment of you when he’s off his meds a dealbreaker? There is some extra understanding that can be extended to someone struggling with major trauma, but there is also a line. What’s that line to you and does he cross it?

    It sounds like dating someone struggling with severe mental illness isn’t a dealbreaker, but is dating someone with severe, untreated, mental illness a dealbreaker?

  6. Women are not to blame for shitty men. OP obviously thought they had a connection. The bf is apparently a lying snake but I don't imagine that information was on his tinder bio so “pick better” isn't all that helpful. She's said she doesn't intend to forgive him but wanting answers is human nature.

  7. Yes, that's absolutely true! Textbook-learned language sounds more rigid (sometimes) than how natives speak. Although, I hope my husband is really just learning language and not flirting with these women.

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