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  1. If you can Please report him to the police and it sounds like you may be injured from the attack. Go to the hospital. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  2. Agreed.

    The initial move in and cohabitating period the cursing started. I expressed how unacceptable the behavior was, but after being repeatedly told I was overly sensitive I allowed myself to believe it wasn’t all that bad as long as it wasn’t constant. Repeat this disagreement probably once a week and eventually more for 6 more years. I had a metal baby gate at the foot of my stairs to keep the dogs from going upstairs. In a fit of rage, that was thrown against the wall. My experience was a lot of physical objects being destroyed or punched. Walls. Two doors beaten in. A car window punched out. Punching or hitting various pieces of furniture while screaming. This started to escalate once we purchased a home. In fact, the week prior to closing on that home I’d forgotten my wallet at his mother’s house with my debit card inside. It was my personal bank account which had money only I had earned. None of his money was in the account at any time and I was providing the money for our down payment. His rage was so terrifying to me that night, I called a friend to try and help me talk him down. That was the first time I called someone terrified by this behavior. It wasn’t the last. Not even close. He wouldn’t rip objects out of my hands, but would always charge at me and scream in my face while holding his hands behind his back. He was taunting me because I was afraid, why would a woman be afraid of her husband hitting her if he had his hands behind his back? I will never ever forget that stance. When I see people holding their hands behind their back it causes me physical distress. Even now. The taunting and laughing and screaming at me continued nearly every time we had a fight. That behavior was most common and happened the entire 8 years we were together. A male friend of his called me a bitch on my 30th birthday while we were out. I was very upset he hadn’t said anything and failed to defend me or ask his friend to stop. When we got home, I slammed the door closed as we were walking in. That night was the first night he put his hands on me and shoved me for being so aggressive. In a blackout rage, he blocked the doorway while screaming at me to get out of the room. When I tried to get out and get away he grabbed me and either tripped or tackled me while I was screaming for him to get off of me and let me go. I can still hear my own screams for him to stop like I was watching a movie of the whole thing. He tackled me head first into the metal bed frame. While I was still face down on the floor, he got up off the floor and beat a hallway closet door in. The whole top part of the door was gone. I mean gone. He threw my purse down a flight of stairs when I got up off the floor and ran down to gather my things. I was able to get out of that house and run while he was trying to chase me down the sidewalk. Trying to follow me. Yelling. I somehow had the wherewithal to get an Uber close by and I won’t ever forget that car ride. The driver kept asking me if I was okay and if I needed police. I wouldn’t call. I was too afraid of getting in trouble for being drunk too. This incident was the final incident and actually occurred after we had separated and I was living elsewhere. The next day I went to the doctor and told them I’d fallen by accident. I had a concussion. He blamed me for the whole incident because I’d pissed him off.

    OP, from the bottom of my heart I’m begging you to see this for what it is. I wish more than anything I’d had people to tell me these things in those moments. I needed some sort of confirmation I wasn’t going crazy. I wasn’t. I always tell people this: If you’re googling and posting to ask if behaviors are red flags or abusive, that’s the only confirmation you need. Your gut isn’t lying.

  3. This might be controversial, but I don't think it's wrong to explore your darkest fantasies through writing. It's the safest, and most harmless way to do it. And no, I don't think you're a bad person for having such fantasies, people really can't control this type of stuff..

  4. She did, thankfully. The worst part is that she was definitely earnest and not saying it as a way to get excused.

  5. Erm….no they're also for listening to your favourite DJs playing brilliant sets. When I was single the last thing i wanted to do at a club was hook-up. I might miss my fave track!

  6. It's Sunday night here but trash goes out every fortnight.

    Green waste though every week so she may fit in with that.

  7. It must even be a relief to speak to people who are unbiased who don't make you feel like you are losing your mind. Just keep all the evidence in your back pocket for “just in case-ies”!

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