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  1. My father tried to kill me, with a knife, he fought me like a wolf, and I decided ten years later to let him into my children’s lives as a grandad and he was brilliant.

    I never forgave him.

  2. And this doesn’t even include a vaginal exam. Legally they cannot examine you down there until you’re 18 (at least where I’m from). Maybe that changes if you have parents consent, but, wtf at 9 years old?

  3. Take the job.

    It would be absolutely stupid to turn down a job for a guy you met 3 months ago.

    Let him know that you are really enjoying the time together and getting to know him. Let him know you applied for this opportunity before you met him and it’s really important to you. Ask him if he wants to pursue long distance and reevaluate in a few months.

    Go from there.

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