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Date: September 26, 2022

12 thoughts on “AmberJonnes live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Agreed. Im a woman and I’ve seen most of my close female friends’ boobs at some point in time, and not in a sexual way. Just like changing clothes, swimming, sunning, or whatever. It happens and it’s really NBD.

  2. It’s the secrecy itself that’s concerning. My husband and I both have friends of the opposite sex but they’re not like secret private friends. I’m sorry my husband is not allowed to have friends that he cannot be open and honest about. You’re not in the wrong here, transparency is everything. Your partner in life is allowed to have privacy, but you’re allowed to have boundaries too.

  3. Hi. It is not. This is a form of abuse. He is attempting to both physically abuse you and emotionally abuse you. This is abuse. He needs help, and you need to GTFO.

  4. He's right….you won't be having tall children. I wanted tall children …. I'm 5ft 7…so married someone 6ft 4. All my childten are around the 6ft mark. I'm the shortest but I love walking with my gorgeous tall girls down the street. They are so confident and love their height. Great for concerts, they can see above the crowd, sport, modelling and often get asked to help stuff down from high places which they love doing.

    But there's also tonnes of great things about bein short…….closer to the ground if you fall, get under low fences and mini dresses fit as dresses not tops. At the end of the day, who actually cares how tall/short anyone is. Half the time no one notices each others height. Your bf loves you for who u are nothing to do with your height. And if he was serious about having tall children he wouldnt have even started dating you.

  5. If she’s your wife then does she post like this often? Does she post about you often?

    To me this reads like something a girl would post when she’s trying to get a guy’s attention but comes off weird if she’s already in a long term committed relationship

    Like if you guys were in the “talking” stage and she was leaving you a hint

  6. My wife and I have a version of this. I'm on the spectrum, and I figured out a while ago that what I feel like comes across enthusiasm comes off as anger to other people, and that curiosity comes off strangely. Combined with working on a professional field I have learned to be a lead on the wind unless I am extremely comfortable.

    When your spouse is looking for an answer and you know there might be a wrong one, you are not comfortable. My lack of engagement makes my wife very angry.

    My wife tries to put me in positions that will trigger that behavior, and I try to keep in mind that it isn't necessarily a trap…

  7. You do what's best for you and what she does is not your problem or responsibility. She cheated on you, logical thing to do is leave. You're too young to deal with her bs.

  8. Therapy, and I got a referral for couples counseling for me with the door open for her to join

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