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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm banned from this sub, but on the off-chance I'm not; hear me out. Going on a “break” rarely makes things better. It's better to just go your own way and move on. It really is that simple. Don't put yourself in a toxic place with pipe-dreams of better times.

  2. I’m proud of you for taking the right first step!

    You got some very judgmental replies in this post, but I think you should be proud that you’re trying to set things right and live a more healthy life.

    Good luck with taking your next steps and with therapy. I hope you can find peace within yourself.

  3. It is normal to rebalance how you spend time once in a relationship. I’m not sure why you attribute such hurtful labels to everything?

    You say you understand but then behave and self talk as if you really don’t understand.

    I would seek out a therapist for negative self talk (you can start doing cognitive behavior therapy workbooks while waiting to get in with a therapist) and also definitely work on self soothing and maybe codependency. Good luck in your journey. Start focusing on new things for you now.

  4. The name bigtorchprop is interesting. We own a marine service business welding rebuilding boat props…

  5. He has given a “2-month” deadline. That he will be with me in the next 2 months. I feel objectified and disgusting. I am thinking of requesting NOC this semester for “internships”.

  6. When you go to school, you have to type up papers and take notes. My hand tires out quickly and starts to hurt and I can’t use it for a while. It’s the reason why I use the voice dictation speaker or whatever you call it so that I don’t have to type so much on Reddit..

    Still, that’s just one issue. I also have many other health issues including sciatica which makes it hot to sit down for very long and especially I cannot sit on naked surfaces or it starts to kill my back and makes my leg go numb. All of the desks in college are very naked. There’s also no support on these lower parts of the desk which is not good for my back and I start to hurt if I don’t have firm lower back support. At home I have a cushion on my couch that I sit on as well as three pillows behind me to keep me sitting straight up. Hunching over a desk will definitely hurt my back as curling forward makes my sciatica set off. I try to sit up straight as a board to alleviate the pain. I have to hold my plate up close to my mouth when I eat so I don’t have ti curl forward.

    And I have bladder issues too, so I would have to be leaving class every 20 minutes at least to go pee. And I need to sit on the toilet 10 mins at least to get all the pee out. I’m being evaluated for all this right now. And when I get my period I have cramps so bad I cry. I also get spasms which make me suddenly moan loudly. How embarrassing if that happens in class. Again, all this is still being looked into. I hope one day it happens for me, but yeah there’s a lot happening

  7. Unless there’s some sort of language or cultural barrier (which honestly wouldn’t be excuse at this point), you’ve been working together everyday for a year.

    He largely gets it right, so he knows your name. Early on I could understand. Now? Absurd.

    What’s your name? If you’re uncomfortable sharing, no worries. PM me if you’d like, but also no worries if you’re uncomfortable there as well. Is it a difficult name? Either way, I’m struggling to find an excuse for him after this amount of time.

    You said it’s affecting your working relationship, which makes it a real problem. I know you’ve said it in front of your boss, but have you spoken to them privately? They might not realize it’s bothering you.

  8. He is 25. Still lots of time to grow. It's possible it comes to something. Maybe he learns that faith doesn't completely define someone. Maybe he learns he isn't really Christian.

  9. Yes indeed, and we've seen enough stories here of people doing the ethically and morally correct thing, because Reddit said so, and having their lives ruined because of it.

  10. Your boyfriend is an asshat. This is not how adults behave. Don't waste your college years on a deadbeat loser from your hometown.

    These are the years when you are finding your identity in the world and figuring out what your future might look like and who you want to be. Do you want to be the kind of person who is dating an immature, financially-illiterate, selfish asshat?

    Drop the dead weight, start dating some college guys, or guys with jobs, or guys who can afford to take you to dinner. I know you think you love this guy, but you are only 22, you haven't even scratched the surface of what your adult love life is eventually going to look like. When you look back on this time period, I promise that you will be so so angry with yourself if you waste one more minute of your life on this hopeless loser.

  11. Yea I don’t think this is controlling and more about mutual respect, she agreed to the terms before starting to date you that you weren’t willing to date someone whose still in frequent contact with their ex. She could’ve said no but instead chose to lie about it and is still hung up over her memory with the ex. Not wanting to date someone whose in contact with their ex is a reasonable boundary imo, don’t let others invalidate your opinion.

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