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Model from: ua

Languages: en,ru

Birth Date: 1993-01-04

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: October 1, 2022

11 thoughts on “Anastasiya_korollive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Yes I agree with that. Sometimes you just need a fresh start and at this point they would probably both do a lot better without all the baggage weighing them down.

  2. I married young and divorced young. Trust me, breaking up now is much easier than marrying and catching him in shenanigans once you're legally bound it, even worse, are bound by children. Tell friends and family that you broke up because of his infidelity. If that uosets him, ask if he'd like you to share more details. Your people will support you. Don't let him make you out to be cold-hearted or a villain. This is his fault

  3. Who said he wouldn’t get pleasure? He has a problem being able to last longer than a couple of pumps. You can still get pleasure and he can learn endurance by using a strapon harness with a dildo on his wife. He has a sensitive penis and when you are thar sensitive you need to create more barriers if you want to have a sex life where your can have a longer sex sessions than 30 seconds. Right now as it stands no one is satisfied and he feels shame in not being able to last more than a few seconds. There is too much focus on his penises ability to perform. That us why I think his penis needs to be taken out of the equation. You can still get pleasure from engaging with in the positions and movement of penis and vagina sex and making your partner that is receiving orgasm. So many people that do not have penises experience pleasure being the giver this way.

  4. They're both things that can easily prevent a relationship.

    For me, I've no problem going out for a few drinks with a lass only for her to tell me later in the evening that she's got kids / is trans. It doesn't matter if that means that things don't go any further, I still get to go out and enjoy the social experience.

    We don't expect people to give a list of the things that might prevent someone wanting to date them. For a lot of people, someone being unable to have children due to medical complications could be a dealbreaker, does that mean that they should have to introduce themselves to everyone as “Hi, I'm #. I can't have kids”?

    Yes, something needs saying before there's the potential for it to turn sexual. Yes, something needs saying before it's serious. When you're literally just hanging out with someone though, why does it matter?

  5. Crying is manipulative on her part. Trying to make you feel badly for her being upset. She’s the one who decided to share personal/intimate information with people who have no business knowing it. Especially not her 13yo sister.

    You need to make it clear that this is a boundary for you and she broke your trust. She needs to earn it back.

  6. Don't hang on to a relationship just to be in a relationship. All of those “issues” aside, you really can find someone who is more your speed. AND that you don't have to revisit threesomes for the rest of your life with.

  7. This is what I came to say. I’d inform the various companies/agencies that she needs to be removed from everything. As she has moved out to the country and won’t be returning. See what you can do. Maybe take any documentation of her stating she’s not returning.

    I’d also unfollow & block her on everything then go NC. If/when she comes back, don’t see her. There is nothing she can say to fix or change what she did.

  8. Your comment is nothing more than victim blaming.

    Were the roles reversed, no one would be asking this.

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