Anastaxialynn live! webcams for YOU!


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Date: September 25, 2022

6 thoughts on “Anastaxialynn live! webcams for YOU!

  1. She said in the ONLY comment she left on the thread that she was keeping it for religious reasons. She didn’t say anything about wanting the baby. The Bible actually supports abortions, so I don’t know what your on about, Christians love making up rules

  2. Damn, as a dude you just have to know to never ask for the number… and the asking the Coke thing wtf, that’s just masochistic ? Really only you can know if this is gonna end up being a mental block for you. It’s not really fair to her if you’re treating her differently because of something you asked though (not saying you are, but like down the line.) In the future, don’t let the damn curiosity win, cause now the other thoughts are winning

  3. Sounds like your male friend wants all the perks of being in a committed relationship but not on his end. He’s made it clear they’re not together and not exclusive, so he doesn’t get to be mad when she sleeps with anyone else, or that you didn’t ask him. You had zero obligation to ask him.

  4. Yeah I dont think she meant to say “this little guy” about the size of your dick but I think she meant it in a way that it is literally your little guy lmao. Don't sweat it dude.

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