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Date: September 22, 2022

17 thoughts on “anastaxialynn

  1. You ever see that Lars von Trier movie Antichrist? You know how in the first half the husband is trying to be a therapist to his grieving wife and he's being really, incredibly extra about it?

    I'm not comparing the details of your situation to this movie necessarily but thinking about what you wrote actually made me laugh when it reminded me of that. I won't give the ending away but it's no wonder she did what she did at the end!

    I guess all I'm really saying here is that his behavior sounds truly insufferable, especially with the whole veil of “I'm a therapist so I'm going to treat you like a patient and make you feel like you're the one who needs help” being thrown over it. Leave him and you'll laugh about it later, I promise! You'll be better off. Good luck!

  2. This is so crazy, why would anybody date their siblings ex? I've read your comments OP where you are saying ” why didn't she leave” “she was obsessed” etc etc, do you know how it is living in a DV relationship? I'm not saying your brother was violent against her, but you can never know what happens behind closed doors. And the fact that he knew her for a long time and started dating her when she was 18 and he 29 is just creepy. But your other brother and Amy are not making it better by doing it like this. Sorry but they all seem crazy.

  3. You're an absolute sucker to believe ANYTHING she's told you about this arrangement. She was happy to let you on-line in emotional agony just to cover her lies & deceit! There was no blackmail. She's had more than 1 threesome with them. You only know anything because the AP screwed up and sent the video the “wrong” way so she was afraid you'd see it. You've been played for a fool, my man. Open your eyes. Your wife is not a good person or a good mother (she leaves you home with her child while she's off banging 2 other people). If you insist on staying with her, go get all the videos and see for yourself because you'll never get the truth from her. Just grab your dignity and kick her out.

  4. This is largely a cultural and world-view clash. Cut contact way back and stop hoping she will alter her behavior, as I don't think that possible. When you do have contact, if she even so much steps a toe into these kinds of comments, tell her you won't tolerate her remarks and end the contact that day.

    In her mind, she is doing the right thing. You will never convince her otherwise.

  5. Anyone wondering why he was looking in the sexy time box if he has zero interest in her box lately?

    Sus. Bail. This ain’t a red flag, this is the flag factory.

  6. For real. Classic fucking Reddit, whining that suggesting men should treat women like humans is sexist toward men lmfao. Is it me, or is this site getting worse by the day

  7. What is you disappointment about : the value or the effort she put in it?

    I can deal with a gift that is under the value of what I offered when the situation was reversed but I can't overlook getting a gift card when I got them something that is dear to them.

  8. She's dealing with what's probably childhood abuse. I think that's a good reason to want to be celibate for a while.

  9. You don't deserve to be her plan b. She is just coming back because things didn't work out the way she imagined it to be.

    Also you already said that you don't trust her. There is no point in being with someone you don't trust.

  10. End it. Been there done that with the “best friend.” They either are cheating or he sees all her boyfriends as competition for her attention. Either way you lose.

  11. End it. Been there done that with the “best friend.” They either are cheating or he sees all her boyfriends as competition for her attention. Either way you lose.

  12. He's defo lying, but it's probably because he feels embarrassed by it. Honestly, if there are no other red flags (and really think about that. You could be missing a few) then I would just drop it. People do dumb shit when they feel embarrassed/insecure

  13. This would enrage me so much that I’d honestly not even care and just never speak to or think about him again. Fuck that guy

  14. My fiancé and I were walking at a cross walk and I told him I knew the light was going to be green for a while so we should just cross even though it told us to stop. I changed my mind last minute and he told me to stop saying stupid shit

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