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Date: October 4, 2022

13 thoughts on “Andrea live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. I would say all of this to her that way she can pick whatever she feels is best for her and her career and wouldn't harbor resentment later on.

  2. of course it does. but then who do you call when you need help in a situation like this? obviously she was trusting of her friend thats why she used him for help.

    if you live in a world of constant fear where you think everyone is going to take advantage of you then you'll never have any friends and online a lonely life

  3. For someone who is a therapist herself, she’s doing a very poor job using the skills she should have learned in school/through additional training.

  4. Don’t let it make you insecure. She’s a moron! 99% of girls would have no problem with your size. Tell her to take a hike. She’s disgusting.

  5. You break into a house and see some motherfucker with a machete, you run. People don't break in for fun and a good romp, they do it for money 99% of the time and even the rapists are running from a difficult situation.

    Reddit is a bunch of dumbasses thinking this woman hired this kid to engage in armed combat.

  6. She sounds like the last person I would be recommending a credit card to, she would be racking up high levels of debt in no time

  7. Please OP, keep your self-respect and drop this guy before you invest any more time and emotion into this situation. Really, read that back.

  8. That’s a lot of debt. I personally will break up cause i don’t want to miss out on travels, vacations, or just doing and having nice things

    BUT make sure to get a prenup if you decide to marry her

  9. You have two options. Try out something new, and she will appreciate you for it. Orrrrrr break up with her and prove to her what she's already thinking. You just want sex.

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