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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Just went through this same scenario for the last year. Things would be going great and we started building a relationship and we would both be happy then he'd become distant and started getting close to other women in our friend group to just come back to me when he realized he messed up.

    We didn't talk for a month after a fight and i removed him from everything but he found a way to contact me and apologized. He really started trying and wanted to make it work. I decided to give it a try again. Things are good for a couple of months and I think we're finally getting somewhere. Then he gets distant again overnight.

    We end up having a big talk and I tell him I'm done. I've wasted enough time trying to get something to work with him and that I feel like I'm just a back up plan. Every time he gets attention from another woman, I'm just dropped and I'm worth more than this.

    I've tried maintaining a friendship with him because he is a good friend. Relationship wise he's terrible and self-sabotages. I no longer have romantic feelings for him and it's made it easier to move on.

    Don't continue wasting your time with this guy. He's just gonna keep doing it and tell you everything you wanna hear or say things to give you hope.

  2. We were together since November been dating officially since December, so not it wasn’t long and I have been speaking with her all day trying to offer support and I feel terrible that this is happening to her. She seems so sweet and kind and I really hope she can leave him and heal from this

  3. It’s just a way to turn the argument against you and make it about her. She’s not actually hearing you when you express your “feelings”.

  4. i can online with my father but he’s in a different city and if i elaborate this situation to him it’ll cause a huge fight between him and my mother. i can also share it with my brother and cousins i trust but again.. it’ll cause drama

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