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  1. Even if you are an ass, you’re entitled to your feelings and you don’t have to stay in a relationship to be nice.

    The way you write, it really sounds like you’ve become resentful and you already think she is a burden in your life.

    If you wanna break up, do it. You can break up for any reason you want.

  2. Many? I don’t know a single woman that has a problem with her man cracking one off. I know many guys that do though.

  3. Just tell her straight up that you're not always going to be there to drive her around. If she doesn't feel confident with her driving then maybe offer to guide her. Sounds like she just wants you to be her uber driver.

  4. Hmm. That’s not normally how “I feel” statements work.

    The formula is “when you, I feel, because, moving forward….then ask for what you want.”

    If you’re only telling her how you feel and laying it at her feet with no suggested remedy, that tends to put people on the defense as you’re making your problem their problem to fix with no participation.

    “Babe, I love you and like spending one on one time with you. When you have your schedule fully booked and there’s no time for us, I feel lonely and frustrated because while I like the group stuff, I really enjoy time alone together. Moving forward, could we both commit to having two one on one date nights a month? I plan one and you plan one?”

  5. No I don't think you have to fix this. She should have known what her finances were. She shouldn't have offered. She shouldn't have made it your problem. She sure as hell shouldn't have attitude about it after SHE created the situation.

    I say let her be mad till she gets over it. Also consider that it's a red flag. Look at how she handles money. Look at how she handles it when she overspends- she expects you to fix it. To the point of having attitude for a week.

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