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  1. Get out of this relationship right now. You are not safe with this man.

    That age gap is a red flag for starters, and a decent partner would accept a refusal to engage in sexual activity with no arguement. Older men choose much younger women because there is a significant power differential from the get-go.

    Good luck, OP. You deserve someone better.

  2. It sounds like you want a open relationship rather than poly one. In poly relationship you are in a relationship with multiple people rather than just hooking up or having a fwb.

    Did you explain to your partner that you're just looking to hook up or is she assuming you're looking for a third person to add to your relationship?

    My actual advice is to stay with her rather than break up because you want to hook up with people. Maybe try spicing up the sex life and see if that helps.

  3. Your gf deserves better. You have been emotionally cheating, you are lucky that your gf is so secure about you and not saying anything about you hanging out with your friend for 10 hours a day. Lol. This is emotional cheating on your side. If you still love your gf, talk to her and put all these efforts in this relationship.

  4. If you consider her to be a friend, I don’t think honesty hurts because he’s wasting her time and her childbearing years

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