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  1. Sociopathy and Psychopathy are more a product of childhood abuse or trauma. I’d recommend taking the rest of your pregnancy to separate from him, get educated on up-to-date information regarding sociopathy, and work with both a lawyer/counselor on how to develop a plan to raise those children (knowing how their father can act an attempt to manipulate)

  2. I think that she’s growing apart from you, and that sucks, because you didn’t really do anything to push her away. She is in the process of changing her identity in pursuit of her dream, and that means she is giving her free time to that dream instead of you.

    She’s being very selfish and she doesn’t realize it. But this sounds like the new status quo. You have to either work around her, or end the relationship. If she has to compromise, she’s going to resent you for it.

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  4. I would recommend only inviting people you genuinely have a relationship and connection with. This way, the day will be more fun, relaxed and affordable, instead of feeling like you're running around trying to hold a party for everyone else but yourselves.

    ” I can see this causing a lot of drama with other extended family members”- Honestly? Screm 'em. The smaller you keep a party, the more you can also rationalize cutting people out. And if people resent you for stuff like this? They're not worth continuing pursuing relationships with.

    Your wedding day should be about you both, not other people. I dealt with some similar issues when I got married, and our solution was to hold our wedding on a small tropical island (just the 2 of us) and then hold a wedding reception for a small circle of friends and family after we had gotten home from our honeymoon. This kept things considerably more stress-free (wedding day was perfect and being on the island, we got to start our honeymoon immediately afterwards) and afterwards, a lot of people commented on how they wish they'd done their wedding our way too.

  5. Emotional immaturity. It sounds like she had some D on her mind and got fancied up to seduce you and by no fault of hers or yours, it was a bad evening for that, and instead of recognizing this plain fact is the source of her disappointment, she directed her disappointment at you in a needlessly hurtful way.

    You said this is a one off thing because you have sex often, but the issue here isn’t that there’s some problem with you or your libido or mismatch libidos. The issue is that your GF didn’t hesitate to deliberately hurt you because she felt bad. If she doesn’t ever give you the benefit of the doubt and apologize for this, that’s really bad. Best case is that she’s just emotionally immature and listens to you when you tell her how hurtful that was and works on giving you the benefit of the doubt and taking your feelings more seriously in the future.

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